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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview with NY Matchmaker Rori Sassoon: We Get the Scoop on What Really Happened at the Mixer!

With nearly all of the NY ladies single this season, it made perfect sense to hold a mixer to see if there were any potential love connections. While no one met ‘the one’ that night, there was a certain mystery man in a red scarf that captivated the ladies attention; however what happened next quickly turned into a ‘he said/she said’ situation. So what really went down that night? AllAboutTRH exclusively spoke with the woman behind the mixer: high end NYC matchmaker Rori Sassoon to talk about the drama in New York and what she really thinks of the hottest housewives couples.

First off, thank you for speaking with us! We’ve been dying to know what really went down at the mixer. Before we get there, tell us a little bit about yourself  and how you got involved with RHONY this season:

I’m the co-founder of  Platinum Poire which is a ‘love agent’ for people who are super successful but don’t have the time or the skill set to find the right person – especially in this crazy, busy city. Our whole goal is to match you on the inside before the outside.

I’ve always been a big fan of Bravo and of RHONY. I’m friendly with some of the girls and since they’ve all been single, the opportunity came about. I was at an event and a mutual friend of myself and Carole re-introduced us and suggested it would be a good idea to go on the show as everyone was single with the exception of Dorinda and Tinsley. It was just going to be a fun event. Speed dating is not part of my business or something that we normally do, but we did it for the show. It turned out to be a fun event as you can really showcase everyone’s dating style.

Brian (aka ‘Red Scarf’) seemed to be the breakout star from the mixer. Can you set the record straight on what really happened between him and the NY housewives?

Brian had known Bethenny from a lunch date they had a few months prior. First off, a lot of my clients will not do something like this because they are very private so I had to find men that would be open to it. I have a lot of high net worth individuals and they didn’t want it to affect their business. When I spoke to Brian about going to the mixer he was a great sport. He’s single, he’s eligible, he’s looking for love so it 100% made sense that he be there. He thought Ramona was a lovely woman and he had a bit of history with Bethenny, as they met for lunch, but really my whole idea was getting him to meet Carole as I thought they may be a great match.

What were your thoughts when you saw Carole and Bethenny getting into an argument over who Brian was trying to pursue?

For me, even seeing the most recent episode confirmed something about Bethenny. Bethenny is sometimes showcased in a way that is tough and aggressive but when push comes to shove she can get to be very emotional. Even when Carole was throwing up on the boat you saw the soft side of Bethenny, she was really taking care of her. It was nice to see that side of her – I would love to see Bethenny more in that way. It can be lonely at the top and when you find someone that you bond with, the end of a friendship can be like a divorce. With Brian – he was just the catalyst to something that was much deeper going on in their friendship. 

So what is Brian’s dating status at this time? Is he still single or is he officially dating one of the housewives?

He is single right now. I know he and Carole are still in touch and are friends. I’m not sure if their taking it slow but nothing is exclusive and no one is off the market.

Like you mentioned, nearly all of the New York ladies are single this season. Is there anyone in particular you would like to set up?

I really love Ramona. I feel she is someone who knows how to turn on the charm and is very feminine. She knows how to stroke a man’s ego and men like that. She’s also a great mother and I have a lot of respect for her. I would really like to help her find love because I really think she deserves it. 

Speaking of helping the housewives – let’s talk about some of the romantic story lines from this season! What were your thoughts when you saw Tinsley in her wedding dress? Isn’t that an obvious way to send a boyfriend running?

So I don’t know what’s going on with them and I don’t know if they are planning on getting engaged. If that’s the case, then I understand. I don’t want to sound judgmental but that’s not something that I would ever do or show to the world. Then we saw her crying about her eggs and it just came off as silly.

What are your thoughts on Dorinda and John as a couple?

I think Dorinda is completely right in keeping him off the show this season. I’m sure with him being on the show the past few seasons, it probably caused drama in their real life relationship. He’s not the type of guy who’s going to be really quiet as he enjoys to play it up and be the ham. With their relationship, I don’t know if Dorinda’s in it for the long haul. I know her first priority is her daughter and I think she’s probably just comfortable in her relationship with him right now.

From your matchmaking perspective, which of the housewives do you feel has the most solid relationship?

I really do love Kyle and Mauricio! They seem very solid and have a great family foundation. They seem to really enjoy each other and it’s not just for show. I feel like it’s very genuine and I like that they each have their own lives. Their agenda seems to be their family and their love for each other. Watching them, it’s very apparent.

For our single readers – what advice to you have for those looking for love in this crazy time we live in?

I think setting expectations is important but at the same time not being unrealistic. You have to know who you are and who you are not. Relationships are a two way street so you have to know what you bring to table – it needs to be equal. 

I’m also very anti-app if you are looking for love. My business is all about making that connection and meeting in person so you can feel the chemistry. With dating apps you could be looking at a picture from 15 years ago or just get ghosted after a few days.

Another thing I would say is just putting out positive energy as you really have to be happy with yourself to be ready for love. I even see this with some of the housewives. If you would look into why some of them come off as un-dateable it’s usually because they just aren’t happy. When you’re not happy it’s very hard to be in a good relationship.

Bravo is no stranger to matchmakers. We’ve seen Siggy from RHONJ and of course the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. Will we be seeing you on the network in the future?

I love Bravo – I’ve always been a huge fan. I think my business really fits well with them as the Bravo housewife is my typical client. I could definitely see a few of the ladies dating some of my clients. 

It looks like they need your help! Even outside the housewives, the Bravolebs seem to be a mess when it comes to relationships.

Well it would be my pleasure to help them

You mentioned that you know Carole: Any thoughts who they should replace her with as she announced that she is leaving? 

Personally, I like when they bring in actual housewives that are unknown vs. just bringing in celebrities. I enjoy watching someone who just pops up that we don’t know anything about yet. Of course, they have to have the lifestyle and fits in with the crew; but I’m over them bringing back previous wives or adding celebrities in my opinion.

Hm…perhaps Rori should be added to the list of potential new ‘wives? We all know the ladies of New York need all the love advice they can get!

Thoughts on our interview with Rori? What were your thoughts on the mixer?

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