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RHOC Recap: Tres Amigos

Are you ready for some OC action south of the boarder? Vamanos!

We left off with Vicki and Kelly in an epic fight and Shannon inviting the ladies down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. So what’s going down tonight? Let’s begin!

On the way back from Kelly’s bachelorette pad, Vicki calls Michael to give him a heads up that Kelly is pissed while Kelly phones Tamra to vent over Vicki’s matchmaking skills. Naturally Tamra thought it was a break in girl code and is #TeamKelly and can’t believe Vicki would go on a double date with her friend’s ex. I’m genuinely shocked at how upset Kelly is over this as she is nearly shaking with anger; yet couldn’t seem to stand Michael while they were together.

Moving on to a lighter topic, Vicki is in full Mexico mode; however Tamra brings up the double date fiasco in the van to the airport. Vicki is not budging this issue; however Tamra states that although Eddie may be friends with David there is no way she would hang out with him (smart girl Tam!) In her opinion Steve can be buddies with Michael all he wants but Vicki’s loyalty should lie with Kelly.

Speaking of Kelly, she is hanging out with her daughter Jolie and is moving to inappropriate territory (in my opinion) as she is asking her daughter Jolie’s opinion on the double date fiasco. Personally, I think that Jolie is way too young (12 years old) to be inserted into her mom’s drama over Michael and Vicki. Considering it could affect the relationship with her father, Kelly should probably keep Jolie out of it.

Across town, Gina and Emily are working out in a workout called ‘stroller strides.’ While Gina seems to be a natural athlete, Gina seems overwhelmed with her kids and prefers to play with them on the playground vs planking. We learn that Gina’s husband is a hands on dad when it comes to poop; however during the week she is in total single parent mode. Once again, her divorce is coming to the shock of no one who is watching this show.

Shannon’s vacation with her daughters has come to an end and she is in mommy mode as she watches her daughters fly back to stay with a sitter while she whoops it up in Puerto Vallarta. Shannon has the genius idea to greet the ladies with tequila shots; however ends up looking like a cheap tour guide in her sombrero and shot glasses as it takes awhile for Vicki and Tamra to arrive. It’s a hot mess when they do land as they end up breaking the shot glasses, falling on each other and peeing their pants. Yes Mexico, this is the finest of the OC that we have to offer.

Puerto Vallarta looks beautiful and they have the perfect ocean front room to whoop it up. Shannon proposes a toast to the tres amigas and it’s clear that the ladies are going to get sloppy drunk tonight. Naturally their first stop is Andale’s where Vicki is treated like royalty and the shots are flowing freely. Tamra and Shannon go up dancing on the bar and Tamra is flashing anyone who is looking her way. Vicki is being more conservative tonight as she is now a grandma (something that Steve reminded her of) and is acting accordingly.  On the other end of the spectrum is Tamra who accuses Shannon of dressing like an old lady (which she does) however compared to Tamra showing off her boobs anyone may look like an old lady.

Las tres borrachas are stumbling through the street, eating street food and Shannon gets emotional that the girls came all this way to make her happy. Tamra assures Shannon that she will love again and her marriage to Eddie is proof. Vicki’s relationship with Steve comes up and Tamra thinks that Vicki is convincing herself to love Steve; however deep down will always love Brooks (I think the same thing Tamra!)

Back at the hotel it’s 2 AM and the ladies are still a drunken, yet fun, mess. A naked Tamra is soaking alone in the hot tub and Shannon is too self conscious about her body to join her. Tamra then runs across a wet floor and hits her head on the door and slips and luckily is not seriously injured. In a hilarious moment, Shannon strips down to her spanks (which are a sight to be seen) and joins Tamra in the hot tub. Grandma Vicki is by herself inside and may be the smartest one of the bunch as Tamra ended up breaking her foot due to their drunken festivities.

The next morning is pretty much The Hangover part III as no one remembers what happened the night before other than Tamra breaking her foot. That’s what you get for taking 15 – 20 shots of tequila (which makes me sick just thinking of it – no thank you!)

The ladies decide it will be a beach day; however getting one legged Tamra to the beach is probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen. Tamra calls Eddie who doesn’t seem shocked that his wife was wasted in Mexico and shrugs her broken foot off. The subject of Kelly comes up and Vicki quickly gets riled up proving she may feel a little guilty as she protests a little too much. Shannon is level headed and calmly explains to Vicki why it may be hurtful to Kelly that Vicki is hanging out with his new girlfriend. Vicki shockingly sees how Kelly may be hurt and decides to apologize to her next time they are together.

Naturally Tamra prefers to sleep that night vs. doing another tequila tasting as she doesn’t want to break her other foot. Shannon and Vicki do a private tequila tasting in their room to recreate their tequila tasting on the beach years ago (minus the men this time.) The two are an odd couple as Shannon is in a glittery party dress and Vicki is in a robe and pj’s. Shannon immediately gets emotional again and expresses her gratitude to Vicki for coming down to Mexico for her. Shannon is completely devastated that David moved on so quickly after being together for two decades and I feel for Shannon as her marriage and family truly were her world.

Well that’s it for this week OC watchers! Most of this week’s episode was a drunken debacle with the OG’s but maybe we will get more of the new girls?

Thought’s on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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