RHOC Recap – One Apology Another Betrayal

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Welcome my OC lovelies!

We start out this episode at Tamra’s new digs who is nursing her hot hubby back to health. At the age of 45 Eddie is having heart problems and I truly feel for him. I can see how frustrated they both are and health issues can be extremely stressful on a relationship. Vicki is still trying to kiss up to Tamra and Eddie and sends them food as a peace offering; however Eddie would rather eat dog sh*t than eat Vicki’s pity food.

Over at Shannon’s, David is treating the Beador ladies to a luxurious vacation in Mexico so he can spend time with his girlfriend. Shannon is naturally sentimental as this will be her first vacation without David but surely a few margaritas from the cabana boy will put her at ease.

Tamra is doing the obligatory introduction between the new girl and other ‘wives and stages a pedicure for Kelly and Emily to meet. Emily and her odd relationship with her husband comes up and well ladies and gents – it’s weirder than we thought. In addition to proposing over Google chat she reveals they didn’t have an intimate relationship before marriage due to his strict religious upbringing as he is Mormon. To be fair, I don’t think they ever actually dated, they just worked together until he proposed from what I’m getting. To each their own, but something seems off with this couple. I will keep an open mind as I get to know her but she comes off a bit forced and so far doesn’t seem natural in front of the camera. In a touching moment, Emily reveals that due to her miscarriages her sister carried all of her children which I found incredible.

Tamra is getting her car washed while Shannon Face Times her from beautiful Mexico. Shannon invites the girls for a little girls getaway and generously even invited Vicki Gunvalson. You know this is just a setup for some drama to go down in Mexico in a future episode.

Over at Casa Gunvalson, Vicki has turned into the man of the house as she has a house husband who cooks and cleans for her. Steve seems like a nice, normal guy and I’m seriously confused why is he so into Vicki Gunvalson. Vicki is pretty much begging for that ring and the two seem like an old married couple already so at this point does she really need it?

Tamra and Eddie are surprise, surprise – working out, despite Eddie’s health issues. Tamra is stepping in to instruct classes until Eddie is up and running again. We finally meet the new girl Gina who comes off as a bundle of energy. Kelly and Emily join the ladies as well and the workout looks very intense. I’m more of a yoga girl so I don’t think I could hang with Tamra and Eddie’s CUT crowd. Apparently Emily feels the same as she can barely make it through the class and is secretly looking for the exit. Gina makes her grand debut by showing off her Jersey accent and girl has a serious love of jazz hands. We also see why Gina and her husband filed for divorce as her husband has another apartment in LA due to work and Gina doesn’t really know what he does for a living. Yeah – I’m feeling that connection is just not there.

We see Gina in her husband-less element as she pretty much is a single mom Monday – Friday. She has three extremely spirited children and I do have to give her props for keeping up with them with her husband being away the majority of the week. Gina reveals that she is a fish out of water in the OC but she moved due to her husband’s career (even though they don’t live in the city where he works.) We don’t know too much about Gina at this point so stay tuned as you know there’s more to come!

Vicki and her feathered jacket are still trying to make up with Tamra and Eddie and ambushes them while they were eating lunch. Eddie is naturally thrilled about this as he’s not exactly ready to forgive and forget. Eddie orders a martini in order to prepare for Vicki’s arrival and even order’s her signature drink. Before she arrives, Eddie reminds Tamra of how much she hurt her and makes it clear he’s not open to a reconciliation. Vicki arrives and admits to messing up and apologizes for hurting Eddie. Eddie tells Vicki he didn’t care about the rumor but it did affect his relationship with Tamra. Vicki then pulls out Bible quotes and her quoting Deuteronomy over martinis is almost too much. It actually turns into a pretty sincere apology and I’m proud of Vicki for maning up and admitting her wrongdoing. All is going well until Vicki accuses Tamra of turning on her with the Brooks fiasco, and if that’s the case – all OC watchers turned their back on you Vicki as nobody liked Brooks. Luckily for Vicki, Eddie accepts her apology and as an olive branch says he will make her butt look like Tamra’s.

Emily and her husband are having a nice dinner for their 9th anniversary and both seem a little surprised that they have made it 9 years. Ahh – romance. Emily orders a glass of champagne to celebrate; however her husband doesn’t drink so just sticks with the Diet Coke. We learn that apparently her husband is loaded and doesn’t need to work but does in order to be an example for his children. The romance continues as in her talking head Emily says she pretty much wants to make it to 10 years to beat out his ex-wife and even says she can be her own lawyer if they get divorced. Is anyone else finding this odd for an anniversary dinner? If that’s not enough the two argue about the possibility of having another child. Perhaps the magic of their relationship will unfold as the seasons continues….

Over at Kelly’s Vicki is visiting the new bachelorette pad and finds out that Kelly is pissed that she played matchmaker to Michael. Kelly is pissed that Vicki had some part with Michael dating as they met at her BBQ and the two had gone on a few double dates. To be honest I don’t know if I’m on either side. Kelly is dating as well as they are divorced so let poor Michael date as well. On the other hand, as a girlfriend Vicki should have told Kelly if she was going on double dates with her ex-husband. I’m pretty sure that was in Luann’s song ‘Girl code.’ Actually it wasn’t, but maybe it will be part of the remix?

Next week the feud with Kelly and Vicki continues and Shannon breaks down over David’s new girlfriend. Lots of drama so come back to AllAboutTRH to discuss!

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