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RHOC Premiere Recap!

It’s here ladies and gentlemen – the OC premiere!

We start out with Tamra and Eddie moving on up to bigger and better homes and there is only one house rule: no Vicki Gunvalson in the home. Fair enough Eddie – I’m with you there! Eddie’s poor heart can’t take her (literally) as he is having medical problems and has to undergo surgery. Naturally Tamra is terrified for him to have surgery but I have a feeling Eddie is pretty resilient and will be aok.

Over at Vicki’s, she is now shacking up with her boyfriend Steve and is obviously looking for that ring. Vicki is still a mess with relationships as she is lamenting that Brooks is getting married and is wondering why Shannon didn’t listen to her about relationship advice. Let’s face it: all of the OC women are pretty much disasters with relationships so I really don’t feel they should be dishing out any advice when it comes to marriage/love.

Shannon Beador is living as a single woman and is trying not to put her crazy life on her three teenage daughters. Shannon is still heartbroken that her marriage did not last and how it may have affected their children as they know the dirty details. Shannon came from a broken home so was naturally hoping that her daughters didn’t have the same upbringing. Shannon reveals that she and David only communicate via text and that it’s not all heart emojis (knowing David that doesn’t surprise me.)

Speaking of being newly single, Kelly is also now an eligible bachelorette and is in high demand on the dating scene (according to her.) Hopefully Kelly finds another rich businessman as watching her help Jolie with math shows that Kelly is more beauty than brains.

Shannon and Vicki head out to talk and are still working on repairing their relationship. Vicki lends an ear to Shannon as Shannon is devastated that David quickly moved on to a much younger woman. David has also turned into a lovesick teen as he is flaunting his new love all over social media with the tacky hashtag #notdiscreet. Hey David – #notafan. Vicki is hopeful that their friendship can move forward and that this conversation is a new beginning for the two of them.

The day of Eddie’s surgery is here and Tamra is praying it is the fix they have been looking for. Eddie is known for being super fit so having his life completely change has also completely changed him. I’ve always thought Eddie seemed like a pretty normal/nice guy so I’m sure he’s not looking for any attention and just wants to get back on the bike. Tamra meets Ryan for coffee and although the surgery was successful there is still a chance it will come back.

Vicki meets Kelly and Jolie for dinner and Kelly seems to forget that her daughter is in sixth grade as the conversation is very adult. Kelly says that she hopes her ex Michael starts dating so we get a little foreshadowing of Vicki’s matchmaking to come this season.

Tamra is meeting her friend Emily who is superwoman as she is an attorney by day and a party planner by night. Apparently the two were close but had a falling out due to Tamra’s ex friend Ricky (aka the guy that spread rumors of Eddie being a closeted gay.) Apparently that infamous party with Ricky, Gretchen and Vicki also involved Emily and I’m getting a red flag already. It seems that Emily was looking for her 15 minutes of fame before she was an official OC housewife so I’m going to proceed with caution with her.  Tamra seems to forgive very easily where I would have some definite trust issues after something like that.

We get a glimpse of Emily’s home life and the relationship between her and her husband is..well..interesting. Apparently her husband proposed through Google chat and their dynamic seems to be one of constant bickering. I’ll try to keep my observations to myself until learning more about this new OC housewife.

Speaking of relationships, Shannon is having a hard time taking off her wedding ring as it represents her status of a wife and a mother. Shannon’s identity has been her family and I can see how devastating the end of her marriage is for her. Tamra admits that she had been stalking David’s new girlfriend and informs Shannon that they had been communicating via social media for longer than Shannon was aware. Despite this news, Shannon still does not want to remove the symbol of her marriage from her finger; however with a little help from Tamra (and a lot of soap) the ring is gone.

Kelly had invited the girls to do a ropes course and I love seeing the girls laughing and getting along in the car. The laughter stops when they see how serious the ropes course actually is, along with the fact that they will have to trust each other to complete it. These ladies aren’t exactly athletic (with the exception of Tamra) and Vicki can’t even seem to get her equipment on correctly (had to laugh when she fell.) Tamra and Shannon are first up and while Tamra is pretty good Shannon is a bundle of nerves and can’t stop shrieking about it. Seriously – someone should have given Shannon a Xanax before this whole thing. Vicki and Kelly are up next and this time it’s Vicki’s turn to be a sh*t show. Vicki gets her finger caught and the slightest breeze causes a complete meltdown. My condolences to the man who had to deal with this bunch as it was no cake walk.  Luckily all women were successful and no one died on the ropes course so we can continue with the remainder of the season.

Overall, I thought that it was a pretty underwhelming premiere so I’m hoping it picks up.

What were your thoughts on the premiere? Do you think it will be a good season?

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