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Below Deck: Catching Up With Captain Sandy!

Below Deck Mediterranean!

Captain Sandra Yawn is back this season on Below Deck Mediterranean. She has years and years of experience in the yachting industry and recently she’s been giving the scoop in an interview about filming, life and love. This season life on the sea is set to be rougher than ever on Below Deck. Of course this includes drama with the crew members, romantic relationships among the coworkers, food with Chef Adam, and lots more. With Captain Sandy around, things are usually smooth sailing. However; we are getting to see more of the challenges that she faces. Sandy has survived a motorcycle crash and cancer. Sometimes it appears that Captain Sandy is too tough on her employees like chief stew, Hannah Ferrier. Captain Sandy said, “She regrets how hard she was on Hannah and apologized to her.”

It’s clear that Captain Lee didn’t have to face a lot of things that Captain Sandy does, because she’s a woman. Sometimes the Bravo star gets second-guessed and scrutinized more because she is a woman. Captain Sandy isn’t paying attention to any of that though. She said, “I find that when people feel down, they put other people down to feel superior. That’s never been my way of living. I don’t put other people down to have a voice.” She doesn’t tolerate a lot when she is working and they are out on the ocean. However; she always treats people with respect and how she would want to be treated in return.

“So, my management style with the crew is how I want to be treated. If someone screws up, I know it’s not intentional. I talk to the crew like human beings and not subordinates,” Captain Sandy told Shira’s Got the Scoop. “I realize I do not have a typical boss-like management style. My style reflects how I would want to be treated if I made a mistake. You don’t have to beat their souls down or take their breath away. You just have to talk to them like human beings.”

She said she has now reflected on the Hannah situation and can see it more clearly now. Captain Sandy said, “I can truly reflect now and own up to how hard I was on her. When we spoke, I said I was blown away that I didn’t pay her any compliments. She seems so tough that I probably didn’t think she needed any compliments at the time, but she’s a human being and she needs compliments. Off camera, we have had conversations. There were moments during the season that we sat on the bridge and had talks.”

Viewers don’t get to see everything that happens on Below Deck. Captain Sandy said, not shown are, “The two engineers and the first officer. So essentially, I personally am responsible for 37 people on board, counting in guests and the camera crew.”

So what’s going on with Captain Sandy’s love life? She’s single and happy. She explained, “I’m single and I’m happy. I’ve been in relationships, but I certainly would never hook up with anyone on a boat. It never lasts. You need that separation.”

Below Deck can be pretty entertaining! I do like Below Deck Mediterranean. It’s fun to watch a woman be the captain, since it’s typically men who are. Captain Sandy seems really humble. I think she has all of the qualities that a good boss should have. Stay tuned for more life at sea!

Thoughts on Below Deck Mediterranean? Thoughts on Captain Sandy’s interview? Sound off below!

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