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Shannon Beador Reveals That She and David DON’T TALK! Plus Dishes On Season 13 of RHOC!

Shannon Beador is spilling the tea when it comes to her soon-to-be ex-husband David Beador and season 13 of the Real Housewives of Orange County!

The RHOC star recently stopped by E!’s Daily Pop and dished all the dirt about her personal life and the season 13 drama!

When asked if her co-stars cut her some slack this season Shannon says “I always hope for that but I am involved in the drama again this year. I can’t keep away from it but it’s a lot more fun this year. You’re going to see some crazy fun.”

And as for if she’s directly involved in the drama or if it’s just surrounding her, Shannon says “it’s surrounding me.”

According to Daily Pop host Justin Sylvester, the word on the street is that the RHOC cast staged an intervention for Shannon during season 13.  Justin asks “Who was the shady orange behind this?” which Shannon doesn’t know the answer to.

“You know I don’t know. But see that’s what happens. I know what I filmed but I don’t know what everyone else films. So they were all talking and I don’t know who the ringleader was but I will find out along with everyone else.”

The conversation quickly moves on to Shannon and David’s tumultuous divorce. In a preview for season 13, we see Shannon struggle to remove her wedding ring after realizing she never wants to get back together with David.

“I had an indent for so long, now maybe just a tiny one there,” Shannon says of finally taking off her wedding ring. “I had it on for almost 20 years so it was almost like a symbol of I am a mom, I have a family, and to take that off…it wasn’t about letting go of my marriage because I had done that. It was kind of a symbol for who I was.”

While it’s no secret Shannon was very much against divorce in the past, she says that her view on marriage has changed and admits divorcing David was the “best decision.”

“This is the best decision for David and I. I mean I am a much happier person now. Honestly, I am smiling every day I wake up in a good mood. From what you see this season, it didn’t start out that way. I had a lot of low moments in the last year but you see the ups and the downs. Today, I am in a really good place.”

Despite Shannon being in a good place, turns out she and David are not.  In fact, Shannon says they do not even speak to each other.

Shannon also reveals that she hasn’t met David’s new girlfriend but her daughters have.

“No I haven’t met her but it doesn’t matter I am fine with it,” Shannon reveals. “I’m fine with it. He can make his own decisions. We’re going to go our separate ways.”

Shannon admits that she would have liked to set up boundaries with David about their kids meeting any potential new mates but says “I haven’t had that conversation. He just does what he wants to do.”

So, how long would Shannon wait to introduce her daughters to her potential new boyfriend?

“I don’t know. I’d have to see. Typically, so far with just the little bit of dating, I’ve done my kids knew them ahead of time. So, it wasn’t like some new stranger coming in.”

As for Shannon’s love life, the RHOC star giggled and smiled without actually answering if she’s dating anyone special. I think there’s definitely someone Shannon’s smitten with.

The RHOC star does reveal that dating after being married for 20 years is very different. Shannon says she took the time to mourn the end of her marriage and heal before jumping back into dating.

“I’ll be honest with you I stayed home for first six months I wanted to kind of reflect and go through the pain and it wasn’t fun,” Shannon explains. “It was lonely but I wanted to emerge saying I can stand on my own two feet whether I find a partner in the future or not so I do feel really comfortable with that. That being said I haven’t dated much but I’ve been on a couple dates and it’s nice.”

Shannon also reveals that her daughters are onboard with her dating saying, “They know it’s inevitable. My oldest she really doesn’t want to know about it but the twins are okay with it.”

As for dating advice, Shannon makes it clear she’s not taking advice from certain co-stars including Vicki Gunvalson.

“I don’t know if I want to take that many tips from Vicki,” Shannon says. “Look at her track record.”

To wrap Shannon discussed what she hopes fans get out of season 13 of RHOC.

“I hope that they get that you can have just the worst relationship with someone and somehow, someway through time and effort you can change things around. All I can say from the beginning of the season through the end there is just a lot of crazy fun to watch. And I’m hoping that the viewers enjoy it too. It was fun to film,” Shannon wraps.

Season 13 of the Real Housewives of Orange County premieres Monday, July 16.

Thoughts on Shannon’s interview? Are you surprised Shannon and David aren’t speaking? Who do you think is behind Shannon’s intervention? Is Shannon right to not take dating advice from Vicki? Are you excited for season 13 of RHOC? Sound off below!

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