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Farrah Abraham Reportedly Filed Restraining Order Against Drita D’Avanzo After Slamming The Mob Wives Star On Social Media!

Mob Wives and women of New York City, are forces to be reckoned with!

After Farrah Abraham of the show Teen Moms, slammed Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo, out of the blue after one of their joint appearances in Atlantic City – Drita had to defend herself. The two posted stuff about what happened to their social media accounts. Drita did threaten to “smack the f— out of her” for saying a ton of awful things about Drita, and her marriage even. Farrah claimed she was going to contact her lawyer, which left Drita and fans wondering for what? As Farrah was the one who initially posted drama online and started this whole feud. Well, it turns out that Farrah may have actually gotten a restraining order. According to Fox News, “Farrah Abraham is taking her feud with “Mob Wives” star Drita D’Avanzo a step farther. The former “Teen Mom” star has reportedly filed a restraining order against D’Avanzo after some threats made online.” According to Us Weekly, Farrah filed a restraining order just two days after her social media beef with Drita.

The feud all started when Farrah posted a video to her Instagram story, where she called D’Avanzo a “has been” and accused her of being unprofessional following a joint appearance in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She also said that Drita is in an abusive relationship, and that Drita needs a job. This prompted Drita to clap back at her and defend herself and her family.

On Drita’s own Instagram, she said, “The last time someone tried to test me, they ended up putting me in jail.” (Drita was arrested in Staten Island in 2016 for beating up a woman, which led to her arrest.) Drita continued, “I will tell you one thing, I’m not gonna closed-fist punch your face in, I’m going to open hand smack the f— out of you, straight up, on sight, just so you know.”

Then Farrah responded nastily on Twitter, where she tweeted that Drita is a “psycho.” Drita responded, “This will be the last time I waste my breathe on that little piglet Farrah. She did tweet me and called me low class trash — this is coming from a girl that walks by a soda bottle and is like, ‘Hey, if I shove this up my a–, can I make a dollar?’ — and then she said I act like a criminal, which I’m not going to lie made me laugh.” It made me laugh too! LOL!

Meanwhile, Drita is not letting all of this drama get to her. She’s enjoying her summer!

Taking a #selfie #break ?#summertime #bikinigirl ??? #poolparty

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I really don’t think that Farrah needs a restraining order against Drita. Without a doubt, Drita could definitely take Farrah if they ever did get into a physical fight. Hands down. However; after Drita got into that altercation a couple of years ago I do think she’s avoiding getting into fights. I think Farrah immaturely started the feud, and it seems that it’s all over nothing. Farrah started it and she also said a lot of stuff that was hitting below the belt. Sorry, but you don’t talk about people’s families and their marriages. It’s even worse that Farrah is accusing Drita of being in an abusive relationship, because that’s very serious, and if it’s true she shouldn’t be writing that stuff about it online. The issue Drita has is that Farrah apparently acted nice to her face and then woke up the next day and started saying rude comments about Drita. I’m not into people who are two faced and you shouldn’t act cool with someone and then bash them on social media later on. That’s very rude and cowardly. I’m totally Team Drita! I cannot wait for the Mob Wives reboot! Hopefully the announce new details soon, my loves!

Thoughts on the feud between Drita and Farrah? Do you think Farrah really got a restraining order against Drita? Are you going to watch the reboot of Mob Wives? Sound off below!

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