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Written in the Stars? Mystic Michaela of RHOC has Prediction for David Foster & Katharine McPhee’s Marriage!

Looks like Lydia McLaughlin may not be the only reality star that is not a fan of RHOC’s Mystic Michaela…

We all remember Meghan’s mystical friend Michaela who made a cameo on RHOC and if you have been following her on social media, you know she’s a housewives fan.

So much so that she is predicting the demise of David Foster’s upcoming marriage to former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee. In a recent Instagram post, Michaela states:

“As a #rhohb fan…this relationship between David Foster and Katharine McPhee was alarming to me, yet not shocking – and I would say a lot of us felt the same way. David has a bright green aura. He is a musical genius, no doubt… but he also needs total attention and devotion. He will give as much love to the one he is in a partnership ratio to what they can give back to him. Meaning, it’s not unconditional. When Yolanda became ill, this was hard on David. Thinking outside himself is not his forte. Sometimes people with this much green need devotees, followers..not equal partners. 

Katharine has a large indigo aura, again- all one color- and I get she absorbed directly into his energy. She will feel successful because she will feel his pleasure at her dependency and devotion. This is not the healthiest relationship, because I see Katherine building her identity on top of him and he is welcoming that…. for now. But he is a workaholic and his art will always be David’s first love and priority… and she is leaning on him now as a pillar of HER identity. I feel the rug will be pulled out from under her and hopefully she maintains support of family and friends around her. Because greens like David can isolate their partners in an attempt to control. Yolanda is a strong woman and I think we all can agree that she kept her mouth shut about the majority of what she experienced with David. But she has people in her life to go to and she kept a strong identity separate of him.”

Yikes! I’m sure the newly engaged couple would love to hear how incompatible they are together.

I don’t think you have to be physic to see that David loves to be adored and that Katharine seems in awe of him so I’ll take this with a grain of salt. David is not new to this whole ‘marriage’ thing so I’m sure he wouldn’t even pay any attention to something like this.  I would be interested to see what Michaela predicts of some of the other housewives couples – did she see the Jim and Alexis split coming? Please give us more housewives aura readings Michaela!

Thoughts on the post? Did you find it interesting or was Michaela out of line?

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