Bethenny Frankel Says She Initially Didn’t Want To Be On RHONY, Plus Shares How She Used ‘Real Housewives’ To Build Her $100 Million Dollar Brand!

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Queen B!

Bethenny Frankel is not only known for starring on The Real Housewives of New York City. She’s also known for her successful business ventures, and her brand is worth $100 million dollars. The original Skinnygirl has made smart decisions for her brand. This includes how she wouldn’t give away her business or profits to the network. Bethenny was the only real housewife to make sure that her contract for the RHONY didn’t include that the network would profit from her brand. She kept the rights and the profits from her company. Well, it turns out that Bethenny originally did not want to be on the show at all. The reason she did join was purely strategic to advance her brand.

According to Business Insider, Bethenny explained, “I didn’t want to be on the show. I thought it was going to be a bunch of drunk people acting crazy and a disaster. It was, and I ended up making money off of that, those drunk people.” She added, “It was, because at that time, people didn’t do two reality shows. You wouldn’t be on “The Apprentice” and then be on that show. Now it’s like you could do 10 reality shows. At that time, that was like, ‘Wait, this loser is doing that reality show, then this reality show? She’s now the reality-show girl.'”

Bethenny said in the first season for the entire season, the contract said she would earn $7, 250. Bethenny explained, “I remember crossing out where it said that I would give any part of my business. The only thing I said was I’m not giving any of my business. I’ll do it, I’ll get paid whatever, but I’m not giving anything that I ever do, which became the Bethenny clause, which is now called the Bethenny clause.”

Bethenny also said that filming reality television feels normal for her. She said she never thinks about the cameras, and explained she feels “totally natural” with it. Bethenny feels that she appears both very tough and very nice on the show, which is how she feels she actually is in her real life. However; she revealed it’s not how she is in her personal relationships. “You don’t get to see what I really am like in a relationship, you just can imagine that it’s like this Cruella de Vil, whipping whoever I’m in a relationship with, which it’s not like that at all. I’m a pretty god partner,” she said. Plus, we don’t get to see her motherhood moments on the show due to her daughter not being allowed to film because of her ex-husband. Bethenny shared, “You don’t see me as a mother, which is when I’m definitely my happiest, my softest, my most selfless.”

I definitely think that Bethenny is super smart and business savvy. It was probably one of the best decisions she’s ever made in her entire live – to cross out that part of her contract! I also do believe her, that she is the most happiest, softest, and selfless when she’s with her daughter. I think she’s a good mother. I also don’t think she’s as bossy as people assume she must be with her romantic relationships. Bethenny is level headed and I think that she’s very balanced when it comes to how she is with her love life. I love the RHONY when Bethenny is on it!

Thoughts on Bethenny originally not wanting to be on Real Housewives? Do you want her to stay on RHONY? Share below!

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