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Former Real Housewives Producer Says the Shows Would Be Boring Without “Tipsy Housewives!”

A former Real Housewives producer is confirming rumors that the Housewives are encouraged to drink during filming to fuel the drama and bad-behavior we know and love.

Andy Cohen may have called rumors that the Housewives are forced to drink “so dumb” but a former producer is saying otherwise.

According to Life & Style, a former producer reveals that alcohol is always available during tapings but claims no one is forced to drink.

The former producer goes on to say that many of the best Real Housewives moments happened because alcohol was involved; confirming that booze does fuel the often outrageous and dramatic antics on the Real Housewives shows.

“Some of the best moments on the series have been because of booze-induced situations,” notes the producer. “Bravo doesn’t twist anyone’s arm, but it’s no secret that adding alcohol makes a party livelier, especially if the cameras are rolling.”

In fact, the producer even went as far as to say that without booze Real Housewives would be a snoozefest.

“The shows would be like watching paint dry without tipsy Housewives” the producer wrapped.

I’m not surprised the Housewives are encouraged to drink. I mean let’s be real, are we at all surprised? However, I don’t believe claims that the Housewives are FORCED to drink at all. Noone can force a drink down your throat, so let’s have some personal accountability ladies. It’s funny to me that many of the Housewives speaking out about being forced to drink are super desperate to get back on the Real Housewives. Coincidence? I think not.

Would the Real Housewives be boring without tipsy Housewives? Do you believe the Housewives are encouraged to drink? Sound off below!

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