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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview with Heather Dubrow: We Discuss Her New Diet Book, Her Home and if She Plans on Returning to RHOC!

When one thinks of the quintessential California diet some pretty crazy things come to mind (yes – the grapefruit diet is a real thing!) However former OC housewife Heather Dubrow is working to change that with the help of her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow. The two have recently written a book titled The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless and AllAboutTRH exclusively spoke to Heather to get the skinny on her new diet book.

First off, thanks so much for catching up with us! Your book is already doing great on Amazon pre-order, how does that feel?

Thank you! We’re so excited about it. This book came about so organically and we started talking about it around three years ago. We were talking about interval eating, and at first I laughed at Terry saying ‘I would never do that’, but what I didn’t realize was that I was already living that way. When we really delved into the science of it and the exact formula, it completely changed my body, even making my skin tighter and my hair thicker. It’s more than just weight loss – it’s a lifestyle to help you look and feel your best. 

When reading the description it can come off as a bit scientific, talking about ‘inter cellular rejuvenation.’ How complicated is this diet?

It’s so easy. It’s really about when you eat and what you eat. The first few days aren’t easy as it’s a complete lifestyle change, but once you get used to it, it’s the easiest thing to follow. There is no weighing or measuring involved. It’s all about when you eat and what and this book will guide you through that. 

I’m sure some people may roll their eyes when they hear that Heather Dubrow has a diet book as you seem naturally thin. Was there ever a time you struggled with your weight?

Absolutely! First of all, I’m not naturally thin. I’m thin because of the way I eat and the way I exercise. Growing up I was average – not thin, not heavy, just average. Then when I got to college, instead of the freshman 15 I decided I was going to be an over achiever and gained about 30 lbs. It was then about figuring out how to lose it, and I went on every diet imaginable. I’ve done weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, The Beverly Hills diet; I’ve done them all! The truth is that a lot of them work but it’s not a sustainable lifestyle.

I can remember sitting in a high end sushi restaurant in L.A. and eating raisins with my chopsticks because it was ‘raisin day’ on the Beverly Hills diet. It was all just so dumb. At the time I didn’t understand nutrition and the importance of what you eat. When it comes to food I like volume and my friends will tell you that I eat more than anyone I know.

When you do splurge, what are your favorite things to indulge in? 

You can’t put away the stuff that you love forever. I’m a big proponent of double stuffed Oreos, but you have to know how to put it into your weekly diet plan, and I don’t mean ‘diet’ but rather your lifestyle plan so it will work for you and so you’re not deprived.

Speaking of deprived, what are some of the craziest/scariest diets that you’ve seen in the industry? 

I’ve seen everything, including the starvation diet. Even myself in my 20’s did the Diet Coke and cigarettes thing, but I was what you would call ‘skinny fat.’ I was thin but had no muscle tone and wasn’t healthy. Right now I’m 49 years old and I’m the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been in my life. I don’t weigh myself and don’t count calories, I just follow this lifestyle. Terry is the doctor and explains the science behind it and why it works so well, but for me just living this way for so long I feel great and even after four kids I feel amazing in a bikini. I’ve never had plastic surgery, it’s all about how I live and what I eat.

Another thing is that we’re all so wrapped up in how we look, and of course we all want to look great, but I have four young kids and want to be around so need to stay healthy and fit. Just recently Terry went in to see his cardiologist as he is turning 60 and told me to go in just to get a baseline. I went in and had superhuman results and it’s all because of my lifestyle. Forget about looks; just to feel so strong and healthy is a blessing.

So we’ve talked about diet, but what about exercise? What do you do to stay so toned?

Although it’s not an exercise book we do talk about exercise in it. When it comes to fitness it’s called ‘daily exercise’ for a reason: You should do it everyday. It doesn’t mean you need to run a marathon every day but you should be moving your body everyday. 

Personally I love HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training.) It’s great for your heart – when you’re doing HIIT you’re literally strengthening your heart muscle. 

Switching gears a little bit, you and Terry worked on this book together but this is far from your first collaboration. The two of you have also collaborated on reality TV, a skincare line, and a previous book. How do you feel you two have made it work in an industry full of divorce? 

Isn’t that the truth? Honestly, we love working together and it’s funny because we’ve already started working on our next book which will be about relationships. I think one of the things we talk about on our podcast is that it’s important to find a hobby together. For us, oddly, one of our hobbies is work. We each have our own career but we love to create things together. It’s just fun – we have a great time together. For another couple it may be exercise or fishing. For everyone it’s going to be different but every couple needs to find something that they love to do together and can connect on.

As far as the divorce curse goes, I was just talking about this on my podcast ‘Heather Dubrow’s World.’ I love to connect and give people a raw, unedited version of myself through the podcast and we do talk about relationships on there. I think it’s important to pay attention to your marriage. People divorce for all kinds of reasons, it’s not necessarily because you haven’t paid attention to it, but I think in general you have to pay attention to your marriage and treat it with respect. It’s important to do things like schedule date night and even sex to really stay connected, especially in the different stages of your life. When your children are little it’s very easy to drift apart because it’s very labor intensive and it’s difficult when they are babies. You go through ebbs and flows and it’s so important to pay attention and make sure that connection is there. 

From the amount of collaborations you’ve done you two make it look easy!

To tell you the truth, I also think that we got lucky. When you get married, I don’t care how old you are, it’s still a leap of faith. You can do your due diligence to make sure it’s the right partner for you but it’s still going to be a leap of faith. I think people can grow together or apart and we have been very blessed to grow together.

Even now, our children are away at summer camp and everyone was asking if Terry and I were going to take  trip with all of the kids out of the house. I just thought ‘no – I just want to stay home.’ Don’t get me wrong, the first couple of days I kept thinking the house felt so quiet and empty, but then Terry and I kinda looked at each other thinking ‘well this is kinda cool.’ We have been enjoying the pool and have been watching the sunsets on our balcony and really have just been enjoying our time together. I miss my children desperately but I have to say it’s also been nice.

Speaking of your home, when will we get the official house tour of ‘Chateau Dubrow?’ We’ve been dying to see it ever since we saw the ground breaking ceremony on RHOC!

Honestly, I don’t know – right now we don’t have any plans. We’ve been there nearly two years and I love the house – it’s amazing! I’m actually doing one last thing: I designed a crystal installation for the champagne wall and it’s pretty cool. 

Friends have been asking if I’m going to do a magazine spread but I’m not so sure. I love what we’ve created, it’s really special and it’s very ‘us,’ I just don’t feel the need to show it right now. But you know what they say, ‘never say never!’

Fair enough! So will you at least be throwing Terry an over the top 60th birthday party in your home?

Terry actually hates celebrating his birthday and doesn’t like the attention on himself. I made a huge mistake when he turned 50 to throw a very beautiful private dinner party and he was not happy about it. Trust me, I’ve learned from it. In all of our marriage that was the only thing he ever brings up that I did wrong. I feel that’s pretty good record but I’m not going to make that mistake again. Honestly he just wants to go to Javier’s with the kids.

That sounds lovely! If I recall correctly, we’ve seen the housewives at Javier’s on while you were on the show. Do you think you’d ever reconsider going back to RHOC?  

It sounds so obnoxious to keep saying ‘never say never’ but that door is not locked and sealed. I will say this: I’m so grateful to the show and everything that it gave to me, Terry and our family.

Strangely, looking back I’m really good at revisionist history and I don’t remember the bad stuff. I choose to remember the fun trips we took and how we laughed a lot; I love that part of the show.

Truthfully it’s a difficult show to do, especially with the twins going into High School. For me to return, it would have to be a family decision. I’m not saying I’ll never go back, but I don’t see it in the foreseeable future.

Note to Heather: I see RHOC being around for years to come so I’m sure you have plenty of time to think about it 😉 

Special thanks to Heather for catching up with us again at AllAboutTRH! The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless is set to hit shelves this fall; however you can pre-order your copy on Amazon by clicking here.

Thought’s on Heather’s interview? Would you like to see her return to RHOC?

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