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Jim Bellino Creates Odd Website To Provide “Facts” and “Dispel the Myths” Plus Could His Divorce From Alexis Be A Ruse?!?!

If Jim Bellino filing for divorce from his wife Alexis wasn’t odd enough the former Real Housewives of Orange County husband created a website to provide “facts” and “dispel the myths” about the man, the myth, the legend that is Jim Bellino.

According to the site, was created on June 21, 2018, in an attempt to tell “the story of who I really am, as I dispel some common myths about my good name.”

Many of the claims Jim is clearing up are from 2010 and 2013 during the height of his and Alexis’ time on the Real Housewives of Orange County.

My question is: why wait till now, 5+ years later, to clear up these rumors? Have these “rumors” and stories been eating away at Jim for 5+ years?

Jim says “These are made up stories about me that suggest I am a man of questionable moral and ethical character.”

The former RHOC star also makes it clear that he  DOESN’T have a criminal record and provides a screenshot of a criminal record search.

“This should put to rest any fictional accounts of my being a convict, criminal, or having any other charges of any kind,” Jim explains.

So, let’s break down the 6 “made up stories” about Jim and see what he has to say. This should be so much fun!

False Report #1 | False allegation the FBI raided my family home

Jim says the rumors that the FBI raided his home in the fall of 2013 are completely false and made up.

“Out of literally nowhere, a rumor was fabricated in the fall of 2013 that the FBI had raided my home. Not only is this a lie, it is so far from anything that has ever happened that it cannot even be paralleled to any actual event that has ever occurred,” Jim wrote on his blog.

The strange thing is Alexis already cleared up this rumor back in 2013 telling E! News that the story was an “outright lie.”

“Being the subject of false statements and gossip is, unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of being in the public eye,” Alexis continued. “We are demanding a retraction and expect the posting to be retracted because the statement is completely false.”

Yet Jim isn’t finished there and requests that ALL the sites that posted this story “delete their false reports.”

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no one is entitled to reinvent the truth. It just goes to show you that the media and anyone who has access to the internet has a blank checkbook to destroy your integrity—don’t think it can’t happen to you. Let’s see if these same websites choose to disclose these factual documents and/or delete their false reports. I respectfully request all of these websites, after reviewing these facts, to delete their false reports.”

False Report #2 | Accusations of a name change

Jim denies that he ever changed his last name to “sound more Italian” or to hide his past as some have suggested. As proof, Jim provides his birth certificate and says he’s “proud of his heritage.”

False Report #3 | Forensic Document Services

Another story Jim deems as false is a claim about his time owning a “fraudulent sports memorabilia business” or as he calls it a Forensic Document Service. Jim admits to an FBI sting on his business and says that they found ONE autograph that could not be authenticated.”

If you ever read the official report, there is never any mention of me forging any item, let alone Mother Teresa’s name–this is a flat-out lie.

In the 1990s, I started a memorabilia company called the Sports Gallery. Realizing that there was a need for authentication in such a tainted industry, I searched for the most qualified document examiner in the country and started Forensic Document Services.

My goal was to seek out the most qualified document examiner in the country. So, I hired a long time professional forensic document examiner that actually worked for the Department of Justice for the state of California and his name was Robert Proudy. Proudy’s reputation preceded him–he was well known from being the Chief Forensic Document Examiner in both the Patricia Hearst and Zodiac Killer cases.

Forensic Document Examiner Proudy’s job was to examine items that came to FDS. Proudy would examine the item, and write a report authenticating or denying authenticity based on his findings.

The FBI set up a sting operation with 60 different memorabilia and authentication companies, including FDS. After their investigation and examination of thousands of autographs, we reached an agreement that there was ONE autograph that could not be authenticated within the thousands of autographs within the FDS inventory. All other items were returned.

As proof that I was never included in any indictments or further investigations, please see full story by clicking on the OFFICIAL FBI REPORT OF OPERATION BULLPEN HERE.

False Report #4 | Foreclosure on our home in Newport Beach

Alexis’ current or umm…former King wants everyone to know that the BELLINO’S NEWPORT HOME WASN’T FORECLOSED ON. Got it? Even you people all the way in the back?

Jim explains that they did sell their former home through a short sale but claims it never went through foreclosure.

OUR PROPERTY WAS NEVER FORECLOSED ON, NOR DID WE EVER GO THROUGH WITH A BANKRUPTCY. I will admit the purchase of this home was an emotional decision made during the time my wife was pregnant with our twins. I don’t think I’m the only one who has made the emotional decision to purchase a home. It was a poor investment choice, which is why we later sold it in a short sale. This story ought to be quite familiar to millions of other Americans. There’s nothing special or remarkable about it, and certainly nothing illegal in how we chose to handle getting out from under the financial burden on a property that was losing value like most other property in the current economic climate.”

False Report #5 | The Billiards Company

Not surprisingly Jimmy Boy wants to clear up another lie about another business he owned. I’m sensing a pattern here. Jim wants everyone to know that yes he did own a Billiards company that eventually went bankrupt. However, Jim says he sold the company in 2005 and the new owners are the ones who drove it into the ground. Jim even claims he never received all the money from the sale and at the time of the bankruptcy was owed $800,000.00

“I owned Wholesale Billiards until 2005 when I sold it to Rectivity, which assumed my lease and maintained the same address. They were an entity in which I had no bearing or holdings. THREE YEARS AFTER BUYING WHOLESALE BILLIARDS, RECTIVITY WENT BANKRUPT. This bankruptcy was theirs, and in fact, there was still $800,000 due on the balance of the sale which was a note to my company Wholesale Billiards. Those are the FACTS,” Jim states.

False Report #6 | Jim’s College Degree 

As for Jim’s college degree, Jim hypothesizes that one of these days his degree will come into question. So, he’s beating the haters to the punch and is providing a copy of his diploma for all to see.

“Lastly, I wanted to include my degree in theology,” Jim wrote. “This hasn’t been called into question yet, but before it is, I’m adding this to the page of real evidence about me because everything else about me has been called into question, so I feel it’s only a matter of time for this one.”

To wrap Jim made it crystal clear that he is “happy” to discuss any of these stories but doubts the media will want to report the “truth.”

“I am happy to address any real questions about these stories, accusations, and the facts and documentation I have provided. I will do so by responding to your comments below. One last time for clarity: The above materials and evidence I have notated represent the FACTUAL TRUTH, screenshots from other sources contain falsehoods and accusations that are inaccurate and NOT factual.


This is all a little fishy to me. The fact that Jim posts this the same day he files for divorce yet proceeds to refer to Alexis as his “lovely wife” and act like they are still one big happy family is so strange to me.

I hate to say it but could their divorce all be a ruse? I wonder if they are divorcing simply for financial or legal reasons but will remain married in faith and continue to live as a married couple. I don’t know just throwing that out there.

Thoughts on Jim’s rants? Did Jim need to dispell all the old rumors about him? Why do you think is so concerned with clarifying rumors from so long ago? Is it odd that Jim is referring to Alexis as his “lovely wife?” Could Jim and Alexis’ divorce be a ruse? Sound off below!

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