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Jill Zarin Defends Bethenny Frankel Amid Backlash

Beloved Real Housewives husband Bobby Zarin was laid to rest during last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York.

In the coverage of Bobby’s funeral one scene in particular caused quite a bit of controversy and backlash.

The one scene that rubbed many fans the wrong way was when Bethenny Frankel seemingly made Jill Zarin’s anguish over losing her husband all about her.

During Bobby’s funeral, fans saw Bethenny and her former BFF Jill reunite and jointly mourn Bobby’s passing.

At the funeral, Jill leaned on her former friend telling Bethenny “I’m alone now” to which Bethenny replied, “We’re all alone…I’m alone too.”

Check out the clip below.

Some fans felt that Bethenny’s response was insensitive, cold, and selfish. While, yes, it’s true Bethenny is alone – losing a spouse to divorce isn’t the same as losing one to death.  Bethenny chose to divorce her ex-husband and didn’t lose him to a horrible disease like Jill did.

However, Jill never interpreted Bethenny’s comments as insensitive or cold and took to Twitter to defend her former friend.

“Don’t be hard on her. Who knows what to say in [a] situation like that? She was trying to make me feel better and never took it as selfish. Her coming meant the world to me and Ally but especially Bobby who was only 10 feet away if you watch the videos the press took,” Jill tweeted.

I think everyone is being a little too critical of Bethenny. I’ll admit I was taken aback by Bethenny’s comments but I have to agree with Jill that no one knows what to say in a moment like that. We all flub and sometimes say things we don’t mean.

Thoughts on Bethenny’s comments at Bobby’s funeral? Were Bethenny’s comments insensitive and selfish? Are you surprised Jill defended Bethenny? Do fans need to cut Bethenny some slack?

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