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Andy Cohen Reveals Which ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise He Thinks Is The Funniest!

Andy Cohen AKA Daddy is the one we have to thank for Bravo’s hit reality series franchise ‘The Real Housewives.’ This weekend is Father’s Day, therefore; Andy decided to have some fun and quiz his own father, Lou, using Amazon’s Alexa. Andy shared on Instagram, “Father’s Day is coming and since Sunday will be all about my Dad, I used Amazon Alexa to test my Dad’s knowledge of his favorite son today – me!” Andy asked his dad which ‘Real Housewives’ cast he thinks Andy find to be the funniest.

So who does Andy think is the funniest? It turns out it’s a tie between the New York City and Atlanta casts! I’m not surprised since they are both hilarious.

The options of cities are Beverly Hills, New Jersey, Orange County, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Potomac, and Miami. However; the choices for this were narrowed down to New York, Atlanta, or it’s a tie. Lou guessed, number two, “Atlanta.” However; Alexa explained, “No. That’s not it. The correct answer was it’s a tie between New York and Atlanta. Andy’s always had a hard time picking favorites.” Andy didn’t deny that observation. He replied, “You’re right, Alexa.”

Andy and his father Lou are so cute. I thought that the quiz was funny. Andy needs to have his parents on Watch What Happens Live more often! Now that would be hilarious.

Check out this video of Andy and his father Lou discussing ‘Real Housewives’ and more!

Are you surprised by which casts Andy finds to be the funniest? Thoughts on the video? Share below!

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