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RHONY Recap: Faux Weddings and a Funeral

Hello NY fans! I hope you are prepared for the emotional roller coaster that is tonight’s episode.

We start out with the tragic passing of Bobby Zarin. Jill is obviously devastated about the death of her love and the other ‘wives reflect on how Bobby impacted them and the love that he had for Jill. Bethenny states that no matter what happened between herself and Jill, that Bobby always loved her.

The NY ladies dress up in their most chic mourning clothes and Bethenny comforts Jill as the two are now both on their own. I know it’s their choice, but there is just something about cameras for a reality TV show at a funeral that irks me…

Luann calls Bethenny from rehab and is upset that she couldn’t attend Bobby’s funeral; however for obvious reasons she is away. Luann admits her arrest was rock bottom and can’t believe the things she said and did while intoxicated. Bethenny is compassionate towards Luann and states that there was too much emotion for one day between the funeral and Luann’s tears.

In a lighter scene, we get Eloise Tinsley and her bestie Carole in a steam room and it’s clear that Tinsley has marriage with Scott on the brain. I’m just waiting for our next NY engagement…with all the sadness this season we need something happy to happen to one of these ladies!

Tinsley’s mother Dale is visiting and the two have a drink at the bar, where ironically Dale comments on Tinsley’s drinking. If she was concerned perhaps discuss it over coffee and not wine? Also discussed over wine is the bill for Tinsley’s frozen eggs and it’s apparent that a healthy distance between this mother and daughter would be beneficial. We learn that Dale has been pressuring Scott to propose to her daughter which makes Tinsley freak out and once again…perhaps Dale is too involved in her grown daughter’s life. We are then see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Tinsley is just as cray as her mother. The two decide it would be fun to try on wedding dresses (although there is no ring and Scott has no plans on proposing) but they aren’t going to let a little details like that stop them.

Tinsley and Dale go dress shopping (for the wedding that does not exist) and I cringe thinking about Scott watching this scene. Over champagne the two decide that Tinsley should have a huge ball gown style dress and it’s clear that these two wealthy women have a little too much time on their hands. I mean….what grown women have the time to play dress up in the middle of the day/week? I have a feeling that Scott is starting to sweat as he realizes that he has not just one but two high maintenance women to deal with as its obvious that Tinsley and Dale are a package deal. The one upside is that Tinsley makes a beautiful bride so at least she has that going for her!

Keeping the crazy train going, Tinsley (in a wedding dress,) is face timing with her doctor and starts crying at the sight of her eggs….I mean I think this is as insane as it gets. I would literally pay to see Scott’s reaction right now…

Speaking of delusional we see Sonja in her townhouse with Bethenny visiting to bring her some Skinnygirl jeans. The two decide to use this scene to promote their brands as Bethenny is pushing the Skinnygirl jeans while Sonja is pushing her shoe line. Note to Bravo: enough of the self-promotion!

Bethenny reveals to Sonja that she met with Jill and that Jill finally met her daughter Brynn. Bethenny, being Bethenny, cant’t focus on Jill’s loss and instead focuses on that fact that Jill said that Bethenny was right regarding their feud. Why do I get the feeling that the self-proclaimed ‘know it all’ is obsessed with others saying that they were wrong and she was right even though it was years ago?

Sonja shows Bethenny the repairs  made to her Townhouse including her state of the art fax machine. I was dying at Bethenny’s reaction to the fax machine as this is Bethenny’s humor at it’s best. Sonja also reveals to Bethenny that she and Tinsley are in a better place (and hey a LV purse doesn’t hurt!)

Dorinda and Carole decide they need to work on their fitness and go to an interesting gym called ‘Conbody’ which is run by…you guessed it – ex cons! The topic of Luann comes up and Dorinda reveals she doesn’t want to be the third one in the group with a mug shot so is cutting back on the dirty martinis. The workout is brutal but the concept of the gym is very cool and the ladies are happy to support it. On the plus side? They get some cute mugshots so Luann doesn’t feel so lonely. Tinsley is the most excited as she was well prepared for this mugshot – cute braids and all!

Luann’s day is here and she is finally out of rehab, reflecting on her life which has been a mess these past few years. She admits she has been self medicating and put on a happy facade despite the sadness inside. Dorinda is compassionate towards her and Luann reveals she is looking forward to a sober and healthy future (we’ll see how long that lasts.)

Thoughts on this night’s episode? Let’s discuss!


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