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Kyle Richards Says Lisa Vanderpump’s Reaction To Dorit Kemsley Bad Mouthing Her “Was Not Authentic”

It’s no secret that for the past 8 years on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards has done everything she could to be a loyal friend to Lisa Vanderpump.

So, when Kyle told LVP all of the things her new BFF Dorit Kemsley said behind her back this past season, Kyle was shocked by Lisa’s response or lack thereof.

As we know, in the past Kyle has been punished for questioning Lisa or talking behind her back. Remember how their friendship fell apart after Kyle compared Lisa to chess player Bobby Fischer?

Well, when Lisa found out Dorit called her insecure, jealous, and that she didn’t get enough love from her mother she didn’t seem to really care. In fact, Lisa quickly moved on from being upset with Dorit but made sure to put Kyle through the ringer. Double standard much? 

In a new interview with the Reality of Reality podcast, Kyle said Lisa’s response to Dorit’s shit talking “wasn’t authentic.”

“Lisa’s reaction just wasn’t authentic. The same things that pissed off the viewers that Dorit did and were bothering me, Lisa was just like ‘Oh well, you know…’ and that’s just not who Lisa is. And that’s certainly not how Lisa is with me,” Kyle explained.

Kyle says she’s questioned “what was going on” multiple times and feels like it all circles back to PK.

“Something with PK [Kemsley],” she admitted. “There was something there and it was driving me crazy.”

“It was just frustrating to me because it just didn’t ring true to me,” Kyle added. “[Lisa] wasn’t being herself. It just didn’t make sense. “I’m not jealous of their friendship.”

Speaking of jealousy, despite claims, Kyle insists she’s not jealous of Lisa and Dorit’s friendship.

“I’ve never been competitive for friendship. I come from a family of all women. The more the merrier. I love when my girlfriends meet my other girlfriends.”

Meanwhile, Kyle also discussed the backlash Dorit is getting from RHOBH fans.

“I actually feel bad. They’re really giving her a hard time,” Kyle revealed.

Kyle added, “Yeah, she’s said things that I didn’t like, but I also know that she’s a good person. She’s just fun, easygoing, and can poke fun at herself. The good thing about her is that she says whatever she wants and doesn’t censor herself. The bad is she says whatever she wants and doesn’t censor herself.”

I think Kyle said everything fans were thinking all season. LVP’s reaction to Dorit’s comments wasn’t authentic. As much as I adore LVP she can’t let anything go when anyone on the show says anything about her – she holds a grudge like no other.

Thoughts on Kyle’s interview? Was LVP’s reaction to Dorit’s comments inauthentic? Is PK the reason LVP didn’t punish Dorit for her comments? Does Lisa hold Kyle to a different standard than Dorit?

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