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Rob Valletta Disses the Cast of Vanderpump Rules: States They Are “Like the Quarterback That Didn’t Make It To the Pros!”

Oh Rob…maybe you should learn to stop while you’re ahead.

Rob came out pretty good this season of Vanderpump Rules; however he is tarnishing is reputation by claiming not wanting to be a reality star yet can’t seem to stop talking about the show.

On a recent appearance on Heather McDonald’s podcast, Rob made himself look a bit like a fame whore as Heather noted that Rob reached out to her as opposed to her asking him to be on her show (red flag #1.)

During the podcast Rob discussed the most recent season of Vanderpump Rules and didn’t have the nicest things to say about the cast stating:

“Outside of the show, yeah they’re great. When that show starts filming, it is a whole different world.”

To be fair, he did cut them some slack stating they were just doing their job; however for someone who asked to be on the podcast you think he would have been a bit kinder.

Other highlights include Rob stating that despite what Scheana said he does enjoy kissing (just not PDA) and that he did tell Scheana that he loved her. So why did Jax say otherwise? Rob admitted that by that point he was ‘shutting down’ in his relationship.

So why did someone who said that they didn’t want to be part of a reality show agree to join? Apparently he did it for love stating:

“The thing I didn’t really like about the situation and why I was incredibly hesitant to do it is because it was worded to me a very certain way that if I didn’t do it this would make Scheana look really bad to the network. And it could jeopardize her job. It wasn’t said as clear as that, but it was definitely presented to me in that way.”

Why do I not believe that? I feel that Rob secretly liked the attention that it brought him (but that’s just my opinion.)

Rob then gave the quote of all quotes by calling the cast “like the quarterback in high school that everyone knows, but they never made it to the pros.”

Yikes – I’m sure they will love hearing that!

Personally I thought Rob was using the show for a little exposure and it seemed fishy when he broke up with Scheana as soon as the show ended (something the girls noted as well.) I think he would have been much better off not saying anything rather than going on the podcast or appearing on the show in such a new relationship.

Thoughts on Rob’s comments? Do you believe he wanted to appear on the show?

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