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Vanderpump Rules Star Kristen Doute Calls Scheana Shay’s Ex-Boyfriend Rob “Thirsty” Plus Talks Season 6 Drama!

Kristen Doute is unfiltered and unafraid to ruffle some feathers in a new interview with the #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast. 

The Vanderpump Rules star is spilling the tea on the all the season 6 drama and says everything we’ve been thinking about Scheana Shay’s ex-boyfriend Rob Valletta!

It’s no secret that Kristen exposed Rob’s infidelity on Vanderpump Rules. If you don’t recall, Kristen publicly called Rob out for kissing another girl at West Hollywood hotspot Toca Madera. While Scheana refused to believe Kristen’s story; she and Rob both now claim that their relationship took a turn when said rumor surfaced. And now Kristen says Scheana continues to hold a grudge against her for shedding light on cracks in her relationship with Rob.

“I think she’s bitter in general. I do think she held a grudge but I think she likes to use that to hold a grudge. She needed an excuse to make more excuses for herself and her failing relationship. I don’t blame Scheana for being completely blind because I think Scheana really wanted to be in love and wanted to have this picture perfect husband. But you know what bitch who doesn’t? I want that. I think we all want that but that’s not reality,” Kristen reveals.

Kristen also discussed Rob’s love-hate relationship with the show. While Rob claims he hated doing Vanderpump Rules he’s also done nothing to separate himself from the show. In fact, Rob continues to do press and benefit from his connection to the hit show.

“I had met Rob in years past, while Scheana was with Shay, actually, and the two of them. And I did like Rob. And I thought he was great. When they started dating, I thought he was great and I thought they moved too quickly. But then as time went on, I’m just like ‘dude, you’re so thirsty!’ You’re using Scheana to get on a TV show to build this platform for yourself all the while — I said this also on the reunion — all the while complaining about the show.” 

As for claims Rob only appeared on the show because production threatened to fire Scheana if he didn’t and that he was edited to look bad, Kristen says “In the words of Katie Maloney ‘What a convenient narrative.’”

Adding, “I think Rob did it for Rob. Our producers have more important things than to edit Rob Valletta in a bad light.”

Not surprisingly, Kristen also had something to say about another VPR couple – James Kennedy and Raquel.

Kristen admits she doesn’t see Raquel and James making it for the long haul especially if they move in together but reveals she doesn’t believe rumors that Raquel’s using James.

“I don’t think she knows the real James. She’s oblivious to what’s actually happening on a day to day basis in James’ life. If they actually live together it won’t last more than a few months,” Kristen says.

Adding,“I don’t think she’s smart enough to use James for a social media presence. I mean, Raquel, you know bless her heart, but it’s like she has a mouth full of pennies and she left her brain on the other side of the door.”

As for rumors surrounding James’ alleged affair with Logan Noh, Kristen says “I will say that I know [James’s] not on the down-low with Logan anymore if they ever were. I said it on the reunion, I think you know, where there’s smoke there’s fire, a lot of the time. Not every time. But I think that there was something shady going on. And I know that there was shady things going on.”

Meanwhile, Kristen also had to dish a little bit about herself. Not only did Kristen reveal her secret for staying thin, while still drinking, she also announced that she will be releasing a book!

“Everyone sees on Vanderpump Rules that we like to party and I don’t pretend that I don’t. You know, I’m in my thirties — thirty, flirty, and thriving! And I like to have a glass of wine… or four. I just eat really well. I think that balance is key. As long as you just stay balanced  — what you put in your body it shows on the outside. If you want healthy skin, if you want to look hot, feel good, have energy, just eat well and you can balance that with the drinking.”

“I’m working on something with a friend of mine who’s a very great author with New York Times bestsellers. We’ve been working on it for a little bit. You’ll hear about it when it happens,” Doute said before poking fun at Scheana Shay’s tattoo with the quote, “It’s all happening,” Kristen wrapped.

To listen to Kristen’s full interview with #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast, click here.

Thoughts on Kristen’s interview? Do you think Rob appeared on VPR to build a platform for himself? Is Rob thirsty? Will Raquel and James last? Is Scheana bitter? Sound off!

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