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RHONY Recap: Holidazed & Confused!

Welcome back to the Bezerk-shires ladies and gentlemen!

We are back to the Bethenny and Carole argument which is going in circles with no end in sight. The crux of the issue seems to be that the B asked Adam to help with her charity which he would not do for free. On top of that Bethenny called Adam an ‘Operator’ which caused a huge fight between the two and also gave Luann the perfect window to jump in with her two cents.

Luann is still salty that Carole and Adam met in her kitchen and the two dated for three years after he broke up with her niece. Luann agrees that Adam is an operator as he stayed on her nieces couch for six months before moving on to Carole. According to Luann, Adam is just a stupid boy from the Midwest. Okay Lu – we gotta work on your insults here honey!

Things really heat up when it’s spilled that apparently Bethenny called Luann a ‘loser’ which Luann brushes off because if Lu is a loser well then the rest of the world just really sucks!

Bethenny is usually on top of her game; however she seems to be losing this argument and is clearly flustered. Bethenny completely loses her cool and stands up and starts screaming which isn’t her best look. I think Carole hit the nail on the head when she said that Bethenny can’t admit to doing anything wrong. She is after all, a self-described ‘know it all.’

In a pure comedy moment, in the middle of all of the chaos, Dorinda brings out herself a birthday cake and starts singing to herself. She then smashes the cake in her face which is all these tipsy girls needed to get the party started. In a kind gesture, Bethenny leads a chorus to Dorinda of ‘You made it nice!’

The drinks flow and the ladies are (finally) feeling good and a drunk Bethenny is fighting with a drunk Dorinda about who gets to be Santa.

Things seem to be going fine until Bethenny finds Carole and Dorinda talking about what was said at dinner which Bethenny thought was over. Dorinda leaves the room and Bethenny and Carole are left alone to hash it out. Once again the conversation turns to Adam and it’s clear that Bethenny also has an issue with Carole being so close to Tinsley. Bethenny accuses Carole of being shallow, obsessed with Tinsley and taking too many selfies. Really Bethenny? No one posts more bikini pics than you and we are all okay with it. Bethenny seems to becoming a little unhinged and it’s not the usual in control Bethenny that we are used to.

The next morning the ladies are clearly hungover and Bethenny has an emotional hangover from her argument with Carole. The ladies are heading back to the city and Bethenny decides her main goal is now to ‘make it nice’ with Carole. Good luck with that!

Over at the Morgan Townhouse, Sonja hires a contractor to help update her home so that she can rent it out. The poor contractors had no idea what they were getting into when they took this job as Sonja spills her dirty deets about the areas they are about to work on.

Over at Bethenny’s pad, she decides to throw her usual chic Christmas party with all of the ladies looking lovely in their holiday best. Carole arrives and their is still clearly tension in the room and Carole admits she is not feeling any better about their relationship.

The ladies have a good old fashioned white elephant gift exchange which turns into a re-gift as the ladies clearly just went into their closet and pulled out presents (hey – I’m guilty of that too!)

The doorbell rings and Dorinda brings the best gift of all: a gay Santa who brings a FAO Schwartz nutcracker for Bryn as Bethenny requested. Dorinda feels slighted that the words ‘thank you’ don’t leave Bethenny’s lips; however personally I think Bethenny’s excitment and telling Dorinda that she ‘saved Christmas’ is enough. Bethenny is not too popular with these ladies as she then jumps all over Ramona for stating that she is starting a skincare line (which is ironic as Bethenny’s MO is to push Skinnygirl products on the show.)

We get some foreshadowing as Luann mentions that she will be in Palm Beach for NYE  and Tom will be as well (da da dum….) Bethenny then brings the party down by mentioning to Luann that he has a new girlfriend which clearly rattles Lu. We all know what happens in Palm Beach so this scene is almost cringe worthy.

Carole leaves early and the ladies talk, with Bethenny thinking that Carole is lonely without Adam (poor childless, career-less, lash obsessed Carole – right Bethenny?)

In a true good deed for the holidays, Luann is organizing a blood drive for the red cross which is an amazing thing to do around this time of the year. Unfortunately for Lu and the ladies they are ineligible to donate due to being in Mexico – ooopsie! Bethenny cannot come so her assistant sends a donation in her place which was a kind gesture (however I don’t see how she couldn’t leave for 45 minutes to stop by herself.)

Speaking of Bethenny, the nutcracker comes up and Dorinda is upset that she didn’t get the shout out that she deserved. Luann admits she thought the guy brought the nutcracker and not Dorinda as Bethenny never thanked her for it. The ladies clearly are over Bethenny as Carole brings up the fact that Bethenny is painting her to be a lonely, sad girl that is depressed over a breakup. The ladies are all on the same page that Bethenny can’t maintain friendships and doesn’t support anyone other than herself. I can only imagine what Bethenny is thinking while watching this episode…

Speaking of Bethenny’s thoughts, she calls Ramona while Ramona is out walking her dog to give her a piece of her mind. Bethenny feels that Ramona is relishing in the fact that Bethenny is fighting with Carole (which she probably is) and gives Ramona a piece of her mind. Ramona gets so upset she doesn’t even realize her dog Coco is sitting in the road – pay attention Ramona!

Over at Luann’s we see her new gorgeous penthouse complete with terrace (and Aston the dog.) Luann feels she has a clean slate but little does she know that the upcoming NYE will be her most salacious scandal to date.

We get some pretty disturbing footage of a wasted Luann fighting with the cops and even her slipping out of her handcuffs. Unfortunately we have to wait a week to see what comes next as we get the dreaded ‘To Be Continued…’

Thoughts on this week’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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