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OH BOY: RHOD Star Brandi Redmond Adopts A Baby Boy!

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS -- Season:2 -- Pictured: Brandi Redmond -- (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Bravo)


After suffering from fertility issues during season 2 of the Real Housewives of Dallas there’s light at the end of the tunnel for star Brandi Redmond, who welcomed a baby son through, a closed, adoption this past winter.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Brandi and her husband Bryan happily announced the newest addition to their family – a son named Bruin Charles.

“It’s changed our lives forever,” Brandi tells PEOPLE. “We are obsessed with him, my whole family is. We’re just so blessed.”

Bruin was born prematurely on Dec. 31, weighing 4 lbs., 5 oz and according to Brandi is a “perfect fit” for the family.

Like his sisters, Bruin even has the signature Redmond strawberry blonde hair.“It’s crazy,” Brandi says. “He’ll always look like he came from me, which he did — he came from my heart.”

Brandi says it was love at first sight and admits she hasn’t stopped smiling since meeting her son. And it turns out the feeling is mutual.

“He’s so, so happy,” Brandi says. “From the moment that I met him for the first time, he just looked straight into my eyes, held my finger as tight as he could, and let out this giant grin. And it’s been like that ever since. He smiles all the time and just giggles and laughs.”

“The only time he cries is when he’s left alone,” Brandi adds. “I’m sure that’s a normal baby thing, but because of how we got him, I’m especially like, ‘No, you will never be left alone.’”

During the interview, Brandi got emotional with good reason as Bruin was an unexpected but welcomed addition to the Redmond family.

After struggling to get pregnant Brandi and Bryan decided to stop trying for baby number three with which didn’t sit well with Brandi who felt there was a missing piece to her family.

“For a long time, people would tell me, ‘You’ll know when your family is complete.’ And I never felt that way,” Brandi explains. “I’m blessed to have two beautiful children, but even after having them, in my heart, I knew it wasn’t complete.”

“So we tried again for years,” she continues. “But my fertility was on the decline, and in October, Bryan and I said, ‘You know what, we’re not going to even try anymore.’ I turn 40 in July, and there are so many risks. We just said, ‘Our family is fine with the four of us.’ Adoption wasn’t even on our minds, even though one of my own brothers is adopted. We just walked away from it all.”

However, mere days into the New Year things completely changed for the Redmond family. After coming home from vacation Brandi received a call from a friend about Bruin.

It turns out the baby’s biological parents were teenagers who turned him over to the state at the birth and the social workers in charge of him were having difficulty finding a couple who wanted a baby boy that is until they heard of Brandi and Bryan.

“It happened pretty much overnight,” Brandi recalls. “He was in the neonatal intensive care unit because he was born prematurely, so we flew out of Dallas — he was still in Texas —and we met him in the hospital. We just immediately fell in love.”

“That connection was there right away,” she adds. “He had to stay in the NICU for a little longer so when we left the hospital and I had to fly back home, I cried for six hours because I was leaving him. I just wanted to be with my son.”

RHOD fans will get to see Bruin’s emotional adoption during season 3, which includes Brandi’s adjustment to being the parent of an infant again.

“They followed the whole thing from start to finish,” Brandi says. “It’s a beautiful story. It’s crazy because they captured the rollercoaster of emotions we go through.”

“My maternal instinct kicked in so naturally, which is amazing, but you’ll see that I’m having to relearn some things,” she jokes. “Everything changes in the baby world! Everything is a lot easier now, even though I want to make it a lot harder! I’m like, ‘How do I not know how to work these things?’ ”

Check out PEOPLE’s photos of the Redmond family below!

Stephanie Rose Photography (image via PEOPLE)
Stephanie Rose Photography (image via PEOPLE)
Stephanie Rose Photography (image via PEOPLE)

I’m very happy for Brandi and her family. Bruin is beautiful! I cannot wait to see this wonderful journey during season 3!

Thoughts on the Redmond family’s new addition? Are you excited to see Bruin’s adoption journey?

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