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Let’s Discuss: Are you Team Bethenny or Team Carole?

On last night’s episode of RHONY we really saw it go down between former besties Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel.

It happened (naturally) in the Bezerk-shires amidst a very fun murder mystery dinner. I personally thought the murder mystery was a great idea; however things quickly went south between Carole and the B.

Dorinda poked the bear by asking the two if there was tension between them which Bethenny denied by stating:

“I don’t feel tense, I really don’t feel tense. Our vibe is different, there’s a shift. And in a group, everyone feels the shift. I don’t have a problem with you.”

Umm..Bethenny did you forget how you have been slamming Carole as a lash obsessed puppet this year?

Carole replied to Bethenny by stating: “I heard that you were either upset with me about something to do with Adam not going and working for your charity for free or you are upset with me and my level of financial support for your charity.”

Things really heated up from there with the following exchange taking place as Bethenny denied this saying:

“I didn’t ask for more financial support. I don’t need any support for your charity. You didn’t ask me about it once. Never. This summer, you didn’t ask me about it all.”

In her talking head she added:

“Truthfully all I said is that I didn’t really hear from Carole really ever about Puerto Rico and she didn’t see really interested in it. It’s the honest truth.”

When Carole tried to share her side of the story Bethenny threatened Carole not to lie.

Frustrated, Carole vented saying:

“I killed the story because I said there’s absolutely no way the story is true. Now I hear these rumblings that it actually might be true. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t come to me. We had conversations over the summer!”

Bethenny then denied calling or emailing Adam (surely carefully choosing what she said here) and Carole ended up calling Bethenny a ‘liar’ in her talking head.

It’s clear to see that Adam is the cause of their demise as the two then started arguing over which day Adam was asked to volunteer (because for some reason that matters to them.)

Things really went south when Carole called Bethenny ‘Honey’ – something she did not like. Maybe she should have used the legendary housewives line: ‘Is B**ch better?’

I think that these two women are so proud I don’t know if they are going to be able to mend their fractured friendship. I hope we find out more what caused the feud because I have a feeling we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

After watching last night’s episode are you team Bethenny or Team Carole?

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