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Bravo Feud: Did Jeff Lewis Fat Shame Vicki Gunvalson?!

The ongoing feud between Bravolebrities Vicki Gunvalson and Jeff Lewis is heating up!

It’s no secret Vicki and Jeff haven’t gotten along for a while. Their feud started after an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen when Jeff told Bravo to get rid of Vicki on the Real Housewives of Orange County.

It should be noted that Jeff is very good friends with Shannon Beador, who has been at odds with Vicki for several years now, so it’s not surprising that Jeff isn’t a fan of the OG of the OC.

However, their feud was reignited recently when Kelly Dodd appeared on Jeff’s Sirius XM radio show

During Kelly’s appearance on Jeff’s show, the two talked about season 13 of RHOC and called Vicki a “backstabbing bitch” which ultimately led to Kelly being fined by Bravo and Housewives being banned from Jeff’s show unless their season is currently airing.

Well, last week the feud between Jeff and Vicki heated up when Vicki accused Jeff of fat shaming her on his Sirus XM radio show.

Vicki took to Twitter and called out Jeff after a fan told her Jeff allegedly “body shamed” her.

“Wow! Nice man .. I wear a size 8 and have since I was 20 and at 56 I’m pretty damn proud of it. Shame on him. Thanks for bringing this to my attention” Vicki tweeted.

As for Jeff Lewis, he addressed the drama on his May 18th show and denied ever fat shaming Vicki.

According to Reality Blurb, Jeff explained that he simply said that the women on the Real Housewives of Orange County are very thin while Vicki looks more normal.

“I said something last week about Vicki Gunvalson. All I said was that every woman on that show looks thin except for Vicki. So the anti fat-shamers came out to get me last week,” said Jeff.

“So let me explain,” Jeff continued. “I do not think Vicki is fat. I did not imply that she was fat. What I said is that she doesn’t look thin, and I’ll tell you why I said that. Every season, the clothes get tighter and tighter, and the dresses get shorter and shorter, and it’s flat-out not flattering. I am 48-yrs-old. I don’t wear tank tops, I don’t wear skinny jeans. As I get older, I cover myself even more. So the point is I just don’t think that she dresses her age or wears clothes that are flattering.”

Jeff didn’t stop there and also read a text message he received from Vicki, last week,  aloud.

“I happened to be up late scrolling Twitter, which I never do, after recovering from surgery and found this tweet. I don’t know what happened to you or our mutual respect for each other, but I’m really tired of you targeting me and your lack of maturity. I’m sorry you don’t think I’m skinny enough for you but I’m a size 8 and I have been since I was 23. Now at 56, I am healthy and happy. And I feel and look great. Leave me alone! You apologized last year for being out of line, and I’d appreciate it again. Why don’t you start stepping up your game and inspiring people instead of thinking you’re better than them. Call tomorrow if you want to talk this out. I’m not happy with you. Very rude.”

To wrap things up Jeff revealed that he received another phone call from Bravo, similar to the one he received after his interview with Kelly, but this time it was from a “very high-level Bravo executive.”

Jeff says he got Bravo’s message loud and clear and is letting go of the drama with Vicki.

No word on what Vicki thinks of Jeff’s latest statements.

Thoughts on this latest drama between Vicki and Jeff? Do you think Jeff fat-shamed Vicki? Did Vicki respond appropriately? Thoughts on the text message Vicki sent Jeff? Is Bravo being overly protective of Vicki? Should Jeff, and other Bravolebrities, be able to talk honestly and openly about each other? Is Bravo afraid of another Brandi Glanville/Joanna Krupa type lawsuit?

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