There are things that you may not know about Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm. For instance, did you have any clue that the Monk’s Corner native has an older brother who is a 6”4 redhead? You probably did not because he’s super shy and it’s hard to find that information on the Internet. You also may not realize what made her seem erratic or angry in past seasons, but Dennis opened up to podcast host Kate Casey of Reality Life with Kate Casey about being subjected to gas-lighting. While she did not specifically refer to Thomas Ravenel and only mentioned him throughout the rest of the interview in the politest of terms, listeners (and viewers of the show) will infer that many of Katherine’s reactions in prior seasons were in response to his actions in their turbulent relationship.

Dennis told Casey that she initially embarked upon a political career, wanting to carry on her family’s legacy (Her grandfather was a state senator and her ancestor was John Calhoun, Vice President during the John Adams presidency). However, when a political gossip blogger took notice of her, she started to get some attention from her fellow South Carolinians. The blogger, Will Folks of, recommended that Kathryn get in touch with Thomas Ravenel about Southern Charm.

“I called Thomas and said ‘Will Folks told me to reach out, that there’s a show…and what’s up?’” She added: “I was only cast as an extra who was supposed to be at a party hanging around in the background to make the boys look like amazing playboys. Then I got thrust into the main storyline and it kind of just snowballed.”

Being notably younger than everyone else was nerve-wracking during Dennis’s first season. “We don’t have much in the entertainment industry in the South,” she said, “When I got there, none of us knew what we were doing. All these cameras were there and I was freaking out. I was young but was 21 so I could have a drink. I didn’t get the hang of it at the beginning at all. My whole first season I wasn’t really sure what was going on.”

It is worth documenting for the reality TV annals that halfway through the airing of Dennis’s first season, she gave birth to her eldest child Kensie.  “My conception day was actually the last day of filming the finale,” she told Casey. The two went on to discuss how intense this type of maturation can be under the glare of cameras and an audience addicted to live tweets.

“Were your parents worried that you were dating someone much older?” asked the host, to which Dennis responded: “My parents support me and have kind words about everything I do. They will also kindly give me advice. At first, I don’t know if they took me seriously, but they knew that I’m the kind of girl who is going to do what I’m going to do. They trusted me to guide myself through what I was doing. They also had a small-town state of mind. They didn’t realize what I was really getting myself into and neither did I.”

Dennis shared that she moved to the Hamptons with Thomas Ravenel shortly after Season 1. “That’s where I took the pregnancy test and I still remember it to this day…I told him I was pregnant and he kind of cracked a smile and asked ‘really’? When I saw him kind of a crack a smile, I responded ‘oh my god I am pregnant, I’m going to have to embrace it.’ His smile was a genuine one, but it felt after that moment like things in our relationship kind of shifted.”

Still, as viewers are well aware, Dennis and Ravenel had a tendency to keep getting back together as though addicted to one another. Sometimes, it would only be for a short tryst. “After season two, it was about 2 or 3 months before we conceived Saint,” said Dennis, “That was after an ‘I want you back’ type of phone call (from Thomas). We ended up together and then he left saying ‘I don’t want to get back together.’ In that time I discovered I was pregnant again.”

She added: “Navigating being a mom and being on TV is the most interesting, difficult and enlightening journey. I don’t even know how to put it in words. I take it as it comes and it’s another notch on your belt when you meet another mark. There’s craziness on TV and in your relationship, so you literally have to get your shit together when there’s someone to take care of at home. It’s a very unique life that I live now.”

This season, viewers are seeing how she deals with Ravenel’s demanding girlfriend Ashley Jacobs, who seems desperate to stake her claims too quickly. Jacobs has also made disparaging remarks about Kathryn being the “baby mama.”

“This year, it’s very different with Ashley,” said Dennis, “I watch them talk about me and my kids and I’m getting to understand how involved she was. Meeting her on the show was really weird because a normal person would have told the mother of their children they were dating someone new, but Thomas used the show as the platform to tell me. It was very surreal in that meeting with her at lunch. I was so emotionally removed because I’ve been forced to be that way with him. I also want to show the other mothers at home, you may be thrown a lot of curve balls, but you still need to live your best life.”

Those who keep up with the Southern Charm cast mates on social media know that certain allegiances have changed since filming (for the current season) wrapped. It has been reported that Patricia Altschul reached out to Dennis to make amends for a rocky past with her. In the podcast interview, Dennis told Casey that she has hung out with Whitney Sudler-Smith recently and that Cameran Eubanks Wimberly had just called her to set up a playdate between their kids.

Although her answer to the question of keeping up with one polarizing former castmate was “Landon? Who?! I don’t even know who that is,” Dennis revealed that she greatly cherishes her newly established bonds this season.

“Connecting more with the girls, I really have been able to be myself. People are coming to my side to be there with me…because they see how difficult it is, I suppose.” Dennis added that viewers should prepare themselves for the cast’s upcoming trip to Hilton Head because “Everything is about to change.”

To listen to the full interview, check out the latest episode of Reality Life with Kate Casey:

Thoughts on Kathryn’s interview? Are you surprised that Kathryn has made amends with Whitney and Cameran? Was Thomas wrong for bringing his new girlfriend onto Southern Charm?

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