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Andy Cohen Talks Feud with Kathy Griffin During Appearance on Howard Stern!

The ‘king of all media’ recently had the ‘prince of pop culture’ on his radio show, and in true Howard fashion, nothing was off topic.

Andy Cohen recently appeared on the shock jock’s show and surprisingly admitted that he “gets” why Kathy Griffin hated him after he replaced her on the CNN New Years Eve special.

If you recall, Kathy made a shocking video in which she accused Andy of being misogynistic (something Jillian Michaels also accused him of) a nightmare of a boss and a drug user as well. Surprisingly Andy is a ‘forgive and forget’ type person as he only had nice things to say about Kathy and her current comedy tour:

“You know what, by the way, she’s like selling out all these venues. “She’s having a huge — she loves to have a comeback, she loves publicity. Everything’s good for her.”

Indeed – for a comic there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Kathy was especially salty towards Andy when he replaced her for the CNN New Years Eve gig after she was fired for her controversial Trump photo. When asked about replacing Kathy by paparazzi, Andy pretended he didn’t know who she was (later admitting that this was a joke gone bad.)

Regarding how it all went down Andy feels it’s best to not add fuel to the fire stating:

“I got the job on CNN, I’m on Bravo all these hours — I get it. So, hate me. I’ll be that guy for you, if it makes you happy and gives you peace. I’m just not going to take it on. I’m at peace. I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

This is a different tune than what Cohen was singing in the past after the original Kathy video came out. At the time he seemed bothered by the whole ordeal and had released the following statement “I am completely stunned by this story. It is 100% false and totally made up.”

I think Andy is handling this the right way. He is addressing what happened; however is happy for Kathy’s success and is letting a sleeping dog lie. No use in trying to bash her or overly defend himself as that would only keep the feud going.

In addition, perhaps by buying the hatchet Andy is trying to ensure that he stays out of Kathy’s comedy act? We all know how Kathy loves to spill the beans on celebrity secrets!

How do you think Andy handled the Kathy Griffin feud and accusations?

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