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Kenya Moore Opens Up About Her Pregnancy!

It’s been several weeks since Kenya Moore announced she and her husband Marc Daly are expecting their first child and now she’s finally opening up about her pregnancy!

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Kenya opens up about her IVF experience and how her pregnancy is going so far.

Kenya reveals that she was lucky to have a smooth experience with IVF explaining,“I don’t have a horror story. It’s weird because you hear other people’s troubles with the injections and the hormones. And for me, it was a pretty simple process.”

So, what was the IVF process like for Kenya?

She explains “You take the hormones to stimulate your ovaries, you go in for the procedure — obviously, you’re being monitored every day to where they need to see how many [ovarian follicles] you have, how big they’re getting when to extract. And then, obviously, the process when they grow to make sure they’re growing at a certain rate and reach a certain size.”

“After that, they’re ready to be implanted. You don’t go under any anesthesia for the process and it doesn’t hurt. You have to rest, which is always a great thing. To be quite honest, the thing that hurt the most was them sticking me with the IV when they had to extract the eggs because my veins are so tiny. But that’s the only thing that was uncomfortable. The rest of it wasn’t painful.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star also opened up about the hormones and how she handled the shots.

“I guess you would have to ask people around me. I think I was okay,” Kenya says of the hormones. “I think I felt a little emotional but I wasn’t going zero to 100 or anything like that. It just wasn’t as bad as I heard other people go through. The injections were fine, I got through that by myself, it was fine. I didn’t feel crazy, I didn’t feel like I was losing control or anything like that.”

Meanwhile, Kenya was shocked at how well she handled the injections.

“I thought I would be the worst person for the injections,” Kenya confesses. “Honestly, the first time I did it, I had to do it by myself. I imagined myself going to the clinic every day, having a nurse do it for me. Or hiring a nurse to come to my home to do it. I tried it the first time, and I’m unusually afraid of needles. I can’t look when my blood is drawn and I hyperventilate when I see a needle. I hate it. But these needles, they’re very small. And it didn’t hurt. And the first time I did it, it was okay. It wasn’t any big deal. I just felt blessed because I was stronger than I thought I would be.”

The most nerve-wracking part of Kenya’s experience was finding out she was pregnant, which she had to do via a blood-test and not an at-home pregnancy test. Kenya admits that she was so nervous after getting her blood drawn that she went a took at-home test too!

“[With IVF] they specifically tell you a start date to go and take a blood test because the ones you take over the counter, the pee-on-the-stick kind, don’t always show the hormone level if it’s not strong enough … so it may give you a negative when it’s actually positive. So they rely on a blood test to show you how much of it you have in your system and how it’s progressing,” Kenya reveals.

“I was nervous because I hate to have my blood drawn. And then the technician who was drawing my blood said, “Did you cheat?” And I said, “What do you mean?” And she said, “Most people go and they’ll take the test over the counter.” And I said, “No because it’s not as accurate as the blood test and I just don’t want any false alarms or to be let down when I really wasn’t supposed to be and it’s only a few hours away, so why not wait and get the proper results?”

Adding, “As soon as I take the [blood] test and I’m driving home, I’m like, ‘I should just go and get a test from the supermarket.’ So I rode to the supermarket and literally took the test in the supermarket bathroom because I could not wait. It was just overwhelming. I could not wait. And it was positive. And then I got the call from the doctor later that day confirming that I was indeed pregnant and had a positive test and what my HCG levels were. She said it was all really good news. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know what to say!'”

As for how her pregnancy is going, Kenya says “I’m tired, obviously. I don’t have the stamina that I had before, so I’m taking it a little easy — not working out and going on long walks with the dogs and things like that. But it’s nothing … I don’t feel that bad. I don’t feel hyper-emotional. I have a little bit of sensitivity to smells that make me nauseous and had a slight loss of appetite. But I’ve been okay!”

To wrap, Kenya revealed that she and Marc are going to try and not find out the sex of their baby.

“We’re going to try to not find out. We want to be surprised and we want to make it as natural as we can at this point. We just want a healthy baby. And it doesn’t matter to either of us — boy, girl, we don’t really care,” Kenya wrapped.

I’m very happy for Kenya and for some reason, I won’t believe this pregnancy is real until I see her with a bump. I hope Kenya has a safe, happy, and healthy pregnancy nonetheless.

Thoughts on Kenya’s interview? Can you believe Kenya is finally pregnant? Are you surprised Kenya’s IVF journey was so smooth? Do you think Kenya will have a boy or a girl? How do you think Kenya will handle being pregnant while filming RHOA if she does return for season 11?

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