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Aviva Drescher’s Riveting Revelations on The Reality Rundown Podcast

As the hosts of The Reality Rundown podcast put it, Aviva Drescher’s infamous leg throw was an “iconic” moment in reality TV history. They spoke with the “legend” and got some major tea from the former RHONY castmate. Drescher claims she was fired because Carole Radziwill is a close friend of Bravo honcho Andy Cohen. She said it without expressing much bitterness and explained it as simply being par for the course when it comes to behind-the-scenes television politics. Although Drescher doesn’t keep up religiously with RHONY today, opting for scripted shows instead, she says she’s been in touch with everyone except Radziwill.

Drescher does not envision herself today as someone exciting enough for a return to RHONY: “I would be the complete black sheep if I were on now. The girls are all single. We’d be out to dinner and they’d want to go to nightclubs or out on dates and I’d want to go home to my husband. I’m boring.” 

For someone who clashed so greatly with Radziwill, it’s fitting that Drescher did something “correctly” when it came to Countess Luann and meeting her high standards of etiquette. Drescher sent a text following the Lu-Tom divorce to check in on her old pal.

She also told the podcast hosts that things were not always so contentious between her and Carole, that all went downhill quickly when she brought up the topic of a “ghost writer” to Radziwill on camera.

“We were really close,” Drescher explained. “I fell head over heels for Carole, but Carole does what’s good for Carole. Strike one was when I called the girls ‘white trash.’ That was when I sort of turned from fan favorite to non-fan favorite. I got a lot of pressure from producers to get into everything. You sort of feel like you’re on the show and if you don’t up the ante with the drama, you’ll get kicked off like on Survivor. You don’t want to be on one season and get kicked off. Going back to Carole, I started to get heat for going after Sonja and Ramona with that ‘white trash’ comment and in real life, Carole started to distance herself from me. She’s such a strategic person, it’s unbelievable. She’s extremely contrived without letting people know she is contrived.”

Drescher added that the pressures for Carole are fewer than they are for others. This is because she’s particularly cozy with Cohen. “Carole’s on the show because she’s been best friends with Andy for many years. She’s positioned herself and made herself popular on social media very well. And she’s set up over there and doesn’t have to do anything to create drama. She gets her checks and can call it a day. She has major job security.” 

When the hosts likened Andy’s treatment of the ladies to a “mean girl popularity club,” Drescher responded that she has been in touch with Andy a bit over the years. “He’s really nice, but I think, in this way he’s political.”

Will we ever see a return of Aviva Drescher to future seasons of RHONY? Drescher knows as well as viewers do that it’s unlikely but responds: “I think it’s a tremendous opportunity to do good if that’s what you want to do. It’s a way to get things out there that you want to get out. It’s incredible for business. It’s a great gig. I probably would go back if I were asked, but I don’t think I will be asked – especially after doing interviews like this.” She says that the other factors that would hold her back are her children. “My teenager would probably say to do it, but not to do anything crazy like throw a leg!” 

She also stated that she would do things differently if given another chance: “I would love to go back and I wouldn’t disappoint. Likeability is very important. So I would be more myself and also get more into other people’s drama, rather than creating my own. I would know how to play the game.”

To listeners, it will seem evident that Drescher has some wistfulness about how things went down during her final season. The hosts mentioned how she was taken out of the RHONY intro mid-season and Drescher responded that she’d been warned she wouldn’t be asked back if she didn’t go on the cast trip. She explained: “My asthma was really bad and I was legitimately sick.”

Because she made that fateful decision to stay back, she did not appear in 3 episodes and was taken out of the show intro. “If they had changed the venue, I could have gone,” she lamented.

When it comes to Sonja Morgan being the odd woman out this season and “ganged up on,” Drescher responds: “What happens is that when all the girls gang up on someone, then that person is on an island alone. At that point, you can’t be asked back because there’s no one to hang out with. The girls say ‘I won’t film with her.’ It’s so mean because it’s basically saying ‘I want her to lose her job.’ It’s so nasty when people do that, especially since New York girls – relative to the LA ones – are not that wealthy. They need the paycheck. What I’m hearing about Sonja makes me want to go back and watch (the show) now. I love Sonja. She couldn’t hurt a fly. She’s hilariously funny and witty. Pick on Bethenny, but don’t pick on Sonja. I did see how Dorinda was talking to Sonja saying ‘don’t talk about your divorced husband, my husband is dead.’ I feel that everyone has their own experience of life. You could be missing a toenail while I’m missing a leg and you still have your pain. Everyone experiences things in different ways and there are different thresholds.”

As for that legendary “Leg-gate” scene, Drescher says that it was a decision she made deliberately. “After I didn’t go on the trip, I knew the girls were going to go after me. I was like ‘I better do something so I can come back if they’re really mean to me. I’ll make a big thing and be really dramatic.’ I thought about it (throwing her prosthetic leg) and I decided I would do it only if provoked. They were mean about me missing the trip, so I did that in part for entertainment…Also, to be like…how could you not have that person back? But I still didn’t come back. The only bummer about it was that my brand was about ‘it’s ok to be missing a limb. You can do anything.’ I feel like that move of mine was so crazy it may have hurt my personal brand a bit… Still, I think anybody with half a brain knows it was entertainment. At the time, I was really mad because I wasn’t feeling well with my asthma and the whole production team said I was going to be fired. The girls were being jerks…So I used my anger – like method acting – in that action. I think I could have had a lot more fun being on the show. In the end, I think a lot comes down to Carole.”

Paul Roysdon, a co-host of The Reality Rundown tells us exclusively: “It was an honor to have an iconic Real Housewife like Aviva Drescher on The Reality Rundown. Fans might have their opinions, but no one can deny she’s given us one of the most iconic moments in the franchise’s history. She was lovely to chat with and surprisingly open to talking about all the things fans want to know. Sometimes you never know how deep Housewives really want to go, but she was honest and authentic about her experience, and we were very appreciative of that.”

To hear the full interview with more juicy details – including how Ramona Singer was the one to encourage Drescher to dredge up the “ghost writer” rumor – go to:

Thoughts on Aviva’s interview? Do you think Andy treats the Real Housewives like a mean girl popularity club? Do you think the Housewives purposely try to squeeze people out by refusing to film with them? Does Carole Radziwill only have a job on RHONY because she’s BFF with Andy?

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