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The Complicated Relationship Between Kyle Richards and Her Sisters Continues! What Do you Think About Their Feud?


RHOBH was pretty tame this season; however, one storyline that really stood out was Kyle and her sisters.

Kyle has been working on her show American Woman for years, and with it finally ready to premiere the wound between her and her sisters has been re-opened. Kyle has stated that the show was only inspired by their nontraditional upbringing and that she wouldn’t be spilling any family secrets. Despite this, both sisters have made it known that they are not happy about the upcoming show and did not take any part in it.

During the reunion, Andy asked Kyle why she didn’t just send her sisters the script; however, Kyle stated that she tried to but they wanted nothing to do with it. Obviously, Kim and Kathy were upset that Kyle’s show had anything to do with their childhood, but we all know that the show is only a chapter of their complicated history.

E! Online recently did a story on Bravo family feuds and the Richards sisters alone could probably have their own reality show.  Obviously American Woman has been a big factor in their feud; however, the three sisters weren’t exactly on great terms before.

Kyle had stated that the real trouble began when Mauricio left Rick Hilton’s real estate company and went out on his own with each sister obviously taking their own husband’s side. Thought Catalog has done an interesting story on the Richards sisters and outlined just why Rick and Mauricio’s relationship went south after Mauricio left stating:

“Mauricio was working at Rick Hilton’s real estate agency and Rick refused to make him a partner. Eventually, Mauricio got frustrated and struck out on his own, creating The Agency. He took clients with him and it resulted in bad blood between Rick and Kathy and Mauricio and Kyle (especially because Mauricio is rumored to have informed Rick about his new company via email). That’s why Kyle and Mauricio weren’t invited to Nicky Hilton’s wedding, despite Kyle and Nicky being close at some points.”

Aside from business, Kyle has had a complicated relationship with her sisters as we remember Kim accusing Kyle of “stealing her goddamn house!” After this accusation, Kyle was forced to outline how the house was left to the three sisters when their mother passed; however, Kyle ended up buying it from her two sisters. This didn’t stop Kim from harboring hard feelings towards Kyle owning a second house in Palm Springs and it seems that Kathy has sided with Kim as well. It was also rumored both Kathy and Kim were upset that Kyle brought up Kim’s addictions on camera as it had been a long kept family secret which they preferred to keep private.

Further complications along the way included Kim’s dog biting Kyle’s daughters hand (something we saw played out on the show) along with Brandi Glanville accusing Kyle of not being there for Kim once the cameras stopped rolling. Brandi Glanville brought a whole other dynamic to the sisters’ relationship as she got real chummy with Kim and Kathy while feuding nonstop with Kyle, even telling her that she was unwanted – even by her husband!

Kyle is obviously pained that she and her sisters aren’t on speaking terms as she has broken down nearly every time their names were mentioned this season. During the most recent L.A. episode of WWHL Kyle states that her pain is only magnified by the fact that their mom was no longer with them stating: “it’s hard when you don’t have your parents. You really lean on your siblings.”

Time will tell if this rift can be repaired; however, I think it will be interesting to see what happens when American Woman premieres this year.

Do you think Kyle was wrong with proceeding with American Woman? Do you side with Kyle or Kathy/Kim?

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