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RHOBH Reunion Recap Part Three!

Welcome back my Beverly Hills beauties! Are we ready for part three? Well ready or not, here we go!

We start out with a continuation of the feud between LVP and Dorit. Dorit feels that she was being punished by getting her head chopped off (something that Kyle agree with) however none of us really care that much so I’m wondering why Andy is so fixated on this feud. The group seems to gang up on LVP and she hits the nail on the head by saying she’s damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. Amen to that sister!

The focus then shifts to the friendship between LVP and her ‘Teddi Bear.’ LVP says she loves Teddi’s name so much it will be the name of her first grandchild- did you hear that Pandora and Jason? Speaking of friendships, we then have to discuss Dorit and LVP and the fact that Dorit hurt LVP’s feeling by calling her ‘needy.’ What I want to know is why Teddi is considered a pot stirrer; however when Kyle kept insisting that LVP should be enraged about Dorit’s comments she wasn’t considered to be stirring the pot. Can someone explain that to me? Kyle insists she was coming from a good place so apparently that explains things?

We move on to the Berlin trip and a montage of the fabulous trip and then some of the most serious moments of it. Dorit gets emotional thinking about the holocaust memorial and Kyle reveals it was emotional for her as well due to her husband’s Jewish roots.

Andy then asks Vanderpump about her getting upset about Kyle not knowing who Nanny Kay was (something I was curious about as well.) Kyle states not knowing a grandmothers name is not a big deal; however LVP says the root reason was that their friendship revolves around Kyle and her issues with anxiety. Rinna agrees that LVP tends to take care of Kyle as Kyle has high anxiety (that’s putting it mildly) and LVP agrees that she feels that their friendship is a one way street. We go back and forth and at this point I have to ask – why are LVP and Kyle even friends? Wouldn’t it be easier if the two just called it a day and went their separate ways? I have a feeling Bravo is string that is holding this fracture friendship together.

We move to Kyle’s new show American Woman (which seems to have been in the works for years now – I’m ready to see it already!) Kyle admits that her sisters aren’t thrilled about the show and that their relationship is fractured because of it. Part of the complicated situation with her family has to do with Mauricio parting ways with Rick Hilton’s company; however I’m sure Kyle’s new show did not help. Kyle states that her sisters haven’t seen the show and feels that once they see it they will feel differently about it. Kyle sadly states that she and Kathy are not speaking and haven’t in six months. Kyle (understandably) gets emotional about the fact that her mother is no longer here and she was the glue that held their family together. Kyle and Dorit share a sweet moment and I see hope for their friendship.

We finally get to what we really wanted to discuss all season: the relationship between Mean Girl Erika Jayne and sweet baby dolphin Teddi Bear. Honestly this was the biggest feud of the otherwise boring season and clearly Andy saved the best for last. Teddi states that the words ‘pretend amnesia’ just came out of her mouth and Erika clearly read too much into it (understatement of the year.) Erika won’t let it go and feels that she acted appropriately, even after re-watching the episode. Erika goes as far to say that Teddi is calculated and not a fawn in the woods like she pretends to be. Teddi says that she never saw herself as a fawn in the woods; however Erika then elevates the discussion drastically by telling Teddi to raise up or out get the f**ck out. Clearly Erika was making a reference to the fact that many of the fans thought Teddi wasn’t fit to hang with the Beverly Hills housewives and took a dig at her.

Thankfully LVP jumps in to help her Teddi Bear; however Lisa Rinna sides with Erika as she had a case of pretend amnesia in the past. The Beach house incident comes up and the fact that Erika pushed Teddi away when she went in for a hug. Erika is digging her heels in and is not letting up saying she was embarrassed that she had her period on national TV (however she seemed to forget that she brought this up herself many times to anyone that would listen.) Erika’s temper is brought up and despite the fact that she doesn’t have PTSD she may be intentional with her words and actions (according to Teddi and the rest of the viewers.)

Teddi’s blogs come up and apparently you can call Erika a ‘c u next Tuesday’ whenever you want but never call her Erika Jayne. Erika thinks that all of Teddi’s problems have more to do with Teddi than herself and it’s clear that Erika isn’t feeling any remorse over her Queen Bee behavior. Erika does admit she could work on tailoring her responses but still feels the problem lies with Teddi. Listen, I actually usually like Erika’s non-apologetic attitude; however her behavior towards Teddi this season was appalling. It’s clear Erika sees Teddi as ‘less than’ and her words and actions proved it.

In our final moments of the reunion, we learn that Teddi got an education during her first season, old Rinna is coming back, Dorit has some regrets, Erika has a bright future (possibly with Teddi), Kyle and Dorit will be fine and LVP has a soft side as she says some lovely words about the ladies.

Thoughts on Season Eight? Let’s discuss!

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