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Kyle Richards Says It Was Difficult To Film RHOBH With Brandi Glanville; Plus Defends The Lack of Drama on RHOBH This Season!

It’s no secret that season 8 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been one big snooze-fest.

Nothing much really happened this season. Yawn. Instead, producers filled the void with meaningless drama that got dragged out for multiple episodes.

However,  RHOBH star Kyle Richards is defending the lack of drama during this season in a new interview with the Bitch Sesh podcast (via

“Now we have drama, but it has been… I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of the women in the cast. I could go through every single one of them and say they’re all great people. They’re hard workers. I like all of them. We all have our moments, but for some reason, the audience is OK with Beverly Hills being like that,” Kyle explains.

Adding, “Our ratings are fantastic and no one is ripping each other’s hair out and throwing glasses. No one is out of control. We aren’t drunk and naked like New York. I remember seeing that and thinking ‘Oh my god. You would never see that with our cast in a million years. Drunk and naked in the daylight.’”

Despite the shift, drama used to be synonymous with RHOBH especially back when Brandi Glanville shocked us week after week.

During her interview with Bitch Sesh, Kyle reflected about Brandi’s time on RHOBH and made it clear she doesn’t miss her on the show at all.

“You never knew what she was going to say or do and not in a good, fun way- in my opinion. It’s really hard to do a show with someone like that. You feel so on guard and you knew she was coming after someone at all times. It was not a good feeling, you know? She would always find that worst lie and bring it up to make it something worse” Kyle confessed.

“That felt dark at times. Season 5, to me, was the darkest season we had. In Amsterdam…all of that. That was a really bad season. It was dark to me. Yeah, the ratings were crazy, but our ratings are fantastic right now, maybe even better than then. Brandi, I mean, it was just so crazy,”  Kyle continued.

As for Kim Richards and Brandi’s friendship, Kyle says “She never mentions her and I don’t ask,” when questioned if the two are still friends.

I love RHOBH but the lack of drama isn’t fun. I still watch and love the show but I WANT THE DRAMA. To be honest I’d rather watch the drama from past seasons on repeat than deal with the current situation of a drama free RHOBH. Love you Kyle but we watch for the drama, the glitz, the glam, the bitchiness so give us what we want! P.S. I love how dramatic, wild, and crazy the RHONY are – those ladies are doing it right and consistently bring the drama!

Thoughts on Kyle’s interview? Are you okay with the lack of drama on RHOBH? How does season 8 compare to past seasons like season 5? Is RHOBH better without the drama? Do you miss Brandi on RHOBH? Should Bravo bring her back? Sound off!

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