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RHONY: Carole Radziwill Sides With Dorinda Medley, Says Sonja Morgan Cannot Compare Divorce To Death

They are all in mourning over different situations!

The latest drama on The Real Housewives of New York, involves Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan. Dorinda lashed out on Sonja and said that Sonja cannot compare her divorce to Dorinda burying her husband. Carole Radziwill has taken sides, and of course she’s on Dorinda’s team. Dorinda and Carole are both widows – something they have bonded over on the show. The two can relate to one another and have a special understanding. Carole said, “Signing a divorce document, after you’ve racked up lawyers’ bills fighting over who gets the sconces, is not like signing a death certificate.”

In her Bravo blog, Carole wrote, “Here’s a story: A 30-year-old restaurant hostess marries a wealthy man 25 years her senior. They love each other. Deeply. They have a kid. They buy a home, they travel the world, and host parties on yachts. Six years go by, then eight, then 10. The older man’s stories start to dull. The young pretty wife gets restless. Their eyes, once gazed longingly at each other, start to wander. Their marriage is marked by infidelities on both sides until one files for divorce. It’s not so shocking, is it? This story is played out countless times a year across the country. To talk about a marriage over a decade later, as though you had no hand in its demise, is frustrating for those who’ve had to listen to the historical re-write.”

Carole explained that Dorinda talks about her late husband as a way to honor his memory. Sonja’s divorce was settled in 2006, so they don’t like to hear about it anymore. They feel that Sonja lives in the past and acts as if she just got divorced yesterday. Carole explained, “So sure, Dorinda, from time to time, talks about her late husband. And in this way she honors his memory. This is what we all do—we talk about our loved ones who’ve passed on to keep their memory alive. We tell stories to children, grandkids, and friends. Especially young deaths—those who’ve died before the natural life cycle has ended. We even commemorate the day with flowers or a visit to the grave.”

She summed up, “If you think torture is worrying you might run into your ex with his new wife or worry that you will never run into him, in my opinion, you’ve been dealt a pretty good hand. And you should give thanks.”

I truly feel like death and divorce are both emotional situations that require a stage of grief. I feel for both Dorinda and Sonja in this situation. I’m not surprised that Carole and Dorinda are on the same side, because they are both widows and understand one another. Of course, death is serious and you can never get that person back. Death is not a choice, whereas; people make a decision with divorce. However; both are sad situations and a lot to deal with. I think this topic was stirred in the wrong direction. I hope that Dorinda and Sonja work through it! During these tough times, we have to be supportive and uplifting. We’ll have to tune in for more RHONY!

Watch this video of Sonja and Dorinda getting into it:

Thoughts on the death vs divorce feud? Is anyone actually surprised that Carole is on Dorinda’s side? Sound off below!

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