Jersey Girls: Danielle Staub Says Friendship With Teresa Giudice Is “Stronger Than Ever”

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Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice are on the best of terms!

Back in the earlier days of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, these two Jersey Girls had a roller coaster ride of a friendship. They started out friendly and had a good time together. However; things quickly changed and Danielle and Teresa became enemies. They had shouting matches and didn’t see eye to eye. Season one ended with the infamous table flip by Teresa Giudice – which became an iconic ‘Real Housewives’ moment. Teresa was upset with Danielle for upsetting her best friend, Dina Manzo. Teresa was also upset with the things Danielle had been saying and doing. Danielle on the other hand, was mad that the women were bringing up a book she’s mentioned in that highlights her troubled past. Danielle ended up leaving RHONJ after two seasons. However; she is back on the show now and Teresa and Danielle are the best of friends!

In 2016 Teresa and Danielle started doing yoga together. Everyone was shocked to see the photos that proved that these two had reunited and were better than ever. Talk about being zen! That was when everybody started questioning if Danielle was making her return to the garden state.

According to Daily Mail, Danielle stated, “We speak more than once a day. We’re legitimately friends, it was something that was worth salvaging and has turned into the relationship it should have always been.” Apparently Danielle feels that it was people on the show who got in the way. (Presumably she is referring to Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo.) Danielle explained, “When people got in the way of it, we’re not letting people get in the way of it no more. 100% It’s a lot stronger.” Danielle feels that nobody can come between them ever again. She added, “I pity the fool who tries to come in and tear us down. We would welcome that challenge. I don’t think anyone wants to see me and Teresa take opposite sides. I think the world wants to see Teresa and I standing side by side, showing people what a real friendship looks like because we’ve been through the f***ing storm and back.”

They first started to reconcile when Teresa’s mother was ill. Danielle said, “I genuinely was reaching out multiple times a day sending nothing but love, light and friendship, a shoulder, prayers.” That is what true friendship is all about! Danielle explained, “You have to really be there if you care for your friends. You know who your friends are in those times and I don’t drop that ball ever, it’s too important to me.”

Danielle was adamant that the fallout with Teresa was because of other people, and that neither one of them knew what they were even fighting about. Danielle questioned, “Was is it really because of each other, or was it because of other people? We realized now that nobody can take that away from us. She’s really important to me and to the rest of my journey. I genuinely love her and care for her family.”

I personally am very happy that these two are back to being friends! They had a rocky road but it looks like from here on out – it’ll be smooth sailing. The earlier seasons of RHONJ were super entertaining to watch because it was craziness, but it’s better to see these two getting along. I’m glad they are both being strong women and supporting one another. I’m glad that Danielle is back on RHONJ. I hope we get to keep seeing her friendship with Teresa played out on the show. Plus, Teresa is set to be in the wedding and it’s likely that the wedding is being filmed for Bravo! We’ll have to watch it then loves!

Are you surprised that Teresa and Danielle are stronger than ever? What do you think caused their fallout during the early seasons? Are you glad that Danielle is back on RHONJ? Do you want to see Danielle’s wedding on the show? Share below!

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