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Did ‘Botched’ Save RHONJ Villain Kim D.’s Life?

Talk about being a life saver.

It turns out that Dr. Terry Dubrow, formerly of the Real Housewives of Orange County, and currently of Botched helped save a fellow reality TV stars life.

Page Six reports that Kim D, the infamous RHONJ villain, filmed for Botched last year and had Dr. Dubrow remove “poison” from her right breast.

“My immune system broke down,” Kim explained. “It was fighting that implant. So for a while, I wasn’t feeling good. I couldn’t get off the couch. I have thyroid issues. I kept blaming the thyroid but it wasn’t the thyroid. It was the implant and so he fixed it. Right out of surgery, my whole coloring changed. They were like, ‘Oh my God, look how good she looks’ because they took the frigging poison out. How crazy is that?”

Kim says that Botched producers reached out to her and asked if she had plastic surgery. The former RHONJ villain jumped at the chance to have corrective surgery to fix her “major issues.”

“At this point in my life it’s tough for me to go back and have surgery,” she said. “It’s a lot of money. I can’t afford it. So I put it off. I was in pain all the time but I just ignored it.”

Before flying out to Los Angeles to film Kim had to provide the show with two sets of breast photos and undergo medical testing.

Oddly enough Kim says the process was very similar to RHONJ and included confessional interviews.

“When they interviewed me, they were like, ‘What have you been doing? Why did you put this off?’ and I said, ‘Why? Because I was shut down.’ I was totally shut down mentally and emotionally.”

Kim admits she put off the surgery after her boyfriend of 13 years passed away 5 years ago.

However, Kim says she’s ready to put herself back on the market again.

“I worked like a zombie. I just went to work, took care of my dogs, spent time with my friends and my family and that’s it. My personal life — I didn’t even date so it didn’t matter … it didn’t matter how I felt. Now it’s time, I think I should get out there. I think I should date. I think I should move on with my personal life.”

Kim’s episode of Botched airs during the season premiere on May 9.

Hmm…I thought Kim ran with the “big boys” and was super successful. If so why couldn’t she afford to get her breasts fixed? Anyway, I’m glad Kim got her boobs fixed and is healthy again. I just don’t want her back on RHONJ anytime soon.

Thoughts on Kim’s interview? Are you surprised Kim had health issues due to her breast implants? Will you watch Kim’s episode of Botched? Do you think Kim has lied about her success and status in the past? Sound off below!

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