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RHOBH Reunion Recap Part Two!

Welcome back to the Beverly Hills reunion part dos!

We start off with a fun moment with LVP showing of her assets thanks to her sequined gown. I found her humor funny; however sourpuss Lisa Rinna did not.

We’re treated to a montage of the fabulousness that comes with being a Beverly Hills housewife (which let’s face it – is the reason we love them the most!) You don’t see labels and glam squads in Jersey like we do in Beverly Hills! Erika gives an in depth look as to what it took to get in and out of that latex along with what a bargain a $40K a month for glam is (who the hell is spending $100K like Erika claims??)

LVP is pretty pricey herself and admits that she probably has the most shoes and some of worlds only pink Chanel luggage. Teddi gives the secret to her “tasteful” plastic surgery and Andy claims to be an expert on boobs (which no one – including myself – is buying.) I personally love talking about the glam and wish we did it more vs. focusing on tired fights.

Kyle then shows the ugly side of glam and opens up about her terrifying break-in where she lost all of her fashion pieces (including the designer bags her mom had left her.) Didn’t we learn anything from Kim Kardashian? Do NOT advertise what you have in your home to complete strangers (oh that’s right – that’s what these ladies do for a living…) Kyle states that it easily was over a million dollars worth of items that were stolen (and that’s jewelry alone) however it was her mother’s jewelry that was truly priceless. Teddi’s husband’s security company gets a free advertisement as it was his company that sent a text to Kyle to alert her; however for some reason the security system wasn’t up and running yet. Am I the only one who is shocked that someone as rich as Kyle and Mauricio would leave for vacation with absolutely NO security system on? Not to mention that the couple constantly post on social media advertising that they are on vacation which tells the world that they are not home. #Baffled. Perhaps the only bright side is that is helped LVP and Kyle’s fractured friendship as LVP extended a very kind gesture by sending Kyle a Chanel bag to help start her new collection.

Dorit gets her time in the sun and we watch her montage (including her bizarre behavior this season.) Dorit opens up to Rinna admitting she is self-centered and didn’t consider her feelings and the new, f**king nice Lisa R. accepts this apology. Regarding her friendship with Erika, Dorit didn’t feel there was much of an issue which was why it was so easy to move on with her. Apparently everyone is okay with PK this season much to the delight of LVP who is BFF with Dorit’s husband and always has his back.

Camille joins the set and shows of her huge rock admitting ‘Kelsey’s was smaller’ (I’ll let you judge what that really means..) Camille discusses what it takes to go from the most hated housewife to an engaged lady that is loved by the fans. I still stand by the fact that having Kelsey leaving her for a younger woman seriously humbled her for the better (that, and dumping Allison the psychic.) The issues between Dorit and Camille come up and Dorit is accused of not being able to take a joke along with needing to act more like a lady at dinner parties. We seen some unseen footage of PK saying he heard Camille was ‘difficult’ so I understand why Camille felt that she was being targeted by the Kemsleys. Dorit admits she needs to work on thinking before she speaks (which is the understatement of the season in my opinion.)

We get a sneak peak into what goes into the reunion lunch breaks which includes Dorit confiding in LVP that she can’t get over Teddi while Kyle and Teddi are having the same conversation a room over . Save it for the reunion couch ladies!

When we get back we do just that and have to rehash the lamest scuffles in housewives history: Champagne glasses and being late #YAWN! Teddi admits that she shouldn’t have brought up Dorit’s comments to Lisa Rinna three months after it occured; however Dorit can’t seem to let it go. The ladies feel that Dorit and Teddi are actually the same person as they both believe they are right and won’t let anything go. I’ll agree with that observation as it’s pretty darn accurate.

We move on to the champagne in a wine glass incidence and it hurts my head even typing out this argument as it’s so stupid. Luckily LVP is the voice of reason saying it looked bad to the audience, learn from it and move on with your life. Amen to that LVP! Teddi also admits that she is insecure and sensitive which probably didn’t help the situation. #LateGate is brought up and once again – it hurts to have to recap this argument. Teddi makes some valid points saying she got a babysitter, Dorit was 1 hour late (not six minutes) and Dorit made her look crazy in front of a new group of girls. I understand Teddi’s frustration so I’m Team Teddi Jo here – sorry Dorit!

We get a shot backstage between Dorit and Camille and the two have a nice conversation and patch things up. I’m liking the cameraman catching some candid moments to mix up the reunions as it can get a bit stale.

We then move into the battle of the friendship of LVP between Teddi and Dorit. To be fair, Dorit was punished pretty harshly all season  so I kinda felt for her there as you can tell that Dorit was begging for LVP’s friendship. Dorit’s lack of Cover Girl moment comes up and I’m team LVP here. Dorit was a diva and insulted the photographer and makeup artists’ work. Why would LVP want Dorit in their magazine at that point? I also think the pics turned out great just showing her hands and neck as it showcased the jewelry so it looked like a win/win (unfortunately Dorit didn’t see it that way.)

Next week things heat up between Erika and Teddi so stay tuned!

Thoughts on Part 2?

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