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RHONY Recap – Liar Liar Ho on Fire!

Welcome back NY fans! We’re in the Hamptons, Sonja continues to be cray cray and Dorinda is mid-rant so you know it’s going to be a good episode.

Sonja and Dorinda are still fighting over who had been through more and it somehow ends up being about Dorinda’s husbands death vs. Sonja’s divorce. Dorinda accuses Sonja of stepping out on her husband (something which Sonja denies) however Dorinda is upset she can’t compare it to what she has been through. Ramona gets compassionate and defends Dorinda but Sonja is having none of it. Lu is the voice of reason saying Sonja lives in the past and is not right in the head (something I 100% agree with) and that Dorinda should let it go. Good luck with that Lu!

Across town, Bethenny Tins and Carole are going to look at the B’s rental property (you remember the one that Ramona totally dissed without seeing?) Bethenny’s house has a lot of work that needs to be done but I can see the potential that it has. Sorry Ramona – I’m going to side with Bethenny on this one! Dorinda calls to fill Carole out on what happened over brunch and while Carole is appalled – Bethenny can see Sonja’s side. I wouldn’t tell Dorinda that to her face B……

At Ramona’s the ladies are getting ready in Ramona’s Hampton’s house which I can assure you is NOT on the highway. I’m confused about Ramona’s renting the house and it being tax free so if any of you CPA’s out there can explain that to me it would be appreciated.

Ramona looks great and is the hostess with the mostess and her place looks beautiful. Dorinda is excited to meet the infamous Kirk who seems to be pretty involved in Ramona’s life these days. I have to say that this is the fanciest “marathon” party that I have ever seen and as Tinsley points out it’s all Ramona’s friend. I have to take a moment to talk about Carole’s outfit. I know it’s her party and she can wear what she wants to but, What.The.Hell. Tattooed body suits should be left for Halloween and Halloween alone.

Bethenny shockingly brings Dennis who is also in questionable attire (all I could think of when I see that Gucci sweater is Erika Jayne – sorry Dennis!) Bethenny said it best that it all looks like they were on drugs before deciding to get dressed for the evening. Speaking of Dennis – Luann sits across from him and asks the most uncomfortable question in housewives history: How did he meet Bethenny? Luann conveniently forgot that she accused Bethenny of dating a married man and oops – it’s the same guy! Luann is caught in a very un-countess like moment and has to apologize to a man she just met about nationally saying on television that he was having an affair. Luann looked completely embarrassed and for good reason!

The dinner goes further south as Dorinda seems to be flirting with Dennis while Sonja proves once again she is seriously unstable this season. Tinsley calls Sonja a pathological liar as Sonja continues to accuse Tinsley of not footing her own bills despite Sonja having absolutely no receipts. Tinsley loses her cool and tells Sonja to close her mouth and her legs. I’m not sure what Sonja’s sex life has to do about anything but okay then!

Tinsley attempts to give Sonja a check to shut her up once and for all but it’s so outrageous that Bethenny burns it in the candle. Ramona attempts to save her marathon party by bringing Carole a cake but it’s too late and Carole rates Ramona’s party a grade “F.” I actually kinda felt bad for Ramona, especially when rude Bethenny made fun of her glassware. What does the glassware have to do with anything??

The next morning Dorinda and Ramona meet to rehash the evening before and we find out that nutty Sonja sent a pretty nasty text to Ramona even calling her a POS. The ladies are supposed to meet for brunch; however Ramona refuses to sit across from Sonja after that text and moves to the other end of the table. Bethenny states the obvious: Sonja is off this season and all the ladies have an issue with her at this point. Honestly I feel that Sonja should take a season off and focus on her mental health and life.  I don’t know if she says things because she wants air time or because she actually believes them.

As usual – the Hamptons were hell but don’t worry ladies and gentlemen! We have next week to pick up where we left off.

Thoughts on this weeks episode?

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