Lauri Peterson Claims She Was Unaware Her Phone Calls Were Being Monitored in Son’s Trial!

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Former OC wife Lauri Peterson has been through the wringer with her son Josh Waring; however unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Reports state that Lauri and her ex-husband recently testified Wednesday in their son’s attempted-murder case. What’s odd is that it wasn’t a normal testimony but rather the two discussed legal strategies with him via phone and claim that they were recorded unbeknownst to them. Yikes – it seems to be getting bad to worse for this poor family! As you recall, Lauri’s son Josh Waring (who first appeared as a troubled teen on the RHOC) is facing three counts of attempted murder and other felony and misdemeanor charges related to a shooting. Lauri has done everything she can to claim her son’s innocence, even spreading conspiracy theories about the arrest via social media.

The case keeps taking many odd twists and turns and most recently Lauri and her ex husband took the stand in order to determine if recording the calls violated their son’s right to a fair trial. The defense attorney requested that the Judge dismiss the charges based on the fact that law enforcement monitored and recorded Waring’s phone calls in jail during a time when he was representing himself in the case. I’m shocked that in his state Josh represented himself (and I feel that I am putting it mildly.)

While testifying, the former RHOC states that she thought the calls with her son, which involved discussing defense strategies, were private and were not being monitored. Despite Lauri thinking that they would not be monitored as her son was representing himself during the time (once again who thought this was a good idea?) the District Attorney states that they should have been familiar with the recording policy, adding that a message played at the beginning of the phone calls warning that the conversation would be recorded. Well that definitely puts a damper on Lauri’s claim that she was clueless about the recording policy!

This could take awhile to sort things out as in the next month attorney’s plan to question additional witnesses. There was a minor victory as it was ruled that the OC Jail may not monitor legal phone calls and it is also prohibited from reading Josh’s legal mail.

This has been a bizarre case from day one and it seems to be going from bad to worse. It seems every week something comes up and I’m sure that Lauri had no plans to even testify about phone calls being recorded. Josh’s story has been very sad from the day we met him on RHOC and seeing that this is now is life is incredibly sad.

Thoughts on the latest updates in Waring’s case?

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