Kristen Doute Let's Discuss: Vanderpump Rules

A “Very Likable” Kristen Doute Gets Candid

Reality Life podcast host Kate Casey sat down with Kristen Doute in the Vanderpump Rules star’s apartment to discuss this season, cast dynamics and seasons past.

“Set the record straight,” said Casey, “are you crazy?”

“Well maybe a little bit,” Doute responded.

The host tells us that the Vanderpump castmate was a “very likable” interviewee and not at all withholding. She even displayed the inside of her refrigerator in a humorous video that now appears on Kate Casey’s official website

Doute explained that although the Vanderpump cast has “livers of steel” and Stassi Schroeder can pretty much consume whatever she wants, she herself eats very healthfully and that’s why she can drink.

In fact, Kristen’s website is devoted to clean eating.

“I have broccoli for breakfast,” she remarked and expressed her wistfulness that this outside project, her blog, didn’t become a focus this season despite an event that was filmed.

Looking to the future, Doute explained that castmates are well aware that the show cannot go on forever. She said that each of them are committed to endeavors that aren’t necessarily incorporated into the show’s storylines.

When it comes to the drama that has aired, she admits that there have been cringe-worthy and humbling moments as well as highly regrettable ones. For her, that includes “the entire season 3.”

“I don’t even want to think about it. I never want to watch it again. I’m so fortunate Stassi finds humor in it now. I get uncomfortable thinking about it and don’t want to talk about it with Brittany (Cartwright). She wasn’t around, but she was aware there was a thing.” Oh yes, that little thing that transpired between her and Stassi Schroeder’s ex Jax Taylor!

Doute adds that when it’s mentioned by fans, she notes a double standard: “It’s not what Jax did. It’s what I did.” Aware that TV history will live on for a while through social media, she expressed always having to answer to past storylines. Despite this aggravation, Doute said it’s difficult to imagine what life will be like when all the Vanderpump Rules related tweets stop.

Before landing on the hit Bravo show, Doute did some acting and modeling in Michigan where she was raised. “I was a choir dork, a cheerleader, a cheerleading coach…I smoked pot…I  followed a DJ to Ocean City, Maryland and then to South Beach. I went back to Michigan and we broke up, so I thought ‘screw it. I’m going to LA.’ 3 weeks after the move, I got a job at Sur.”

At the time, she thought this would be a temporary change to support her acting. After her boss Lisa Vanderpump became a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, there was some talk about introducing a show centered around one of Vanderpump’s businesses.

“There was buzz about her wanting to do a show, but I thought it might be about Villa Blanca. We had a staff meeting and there was a number system – just like in a deli. Lisa and her partner Natalie took turns with each of us asking questions like ‘who are you dating?’” Doute added that the process was somewhat organic at first because many of the cast mates were already friends. Then, a bit of combustion was added to the mix with the additional characters. Scheana Marie was one of those new additions who became a part of the group, but who Doute and crew don’t regularly hang out with today off camera.

When it comes to Kristen’s long-term beau Carter, she tells Casey he’s “a little weird about watching the show. He wants to watch the funny parts…like if I tell him Schwartz is being adorable. He does not want to relive stuff we had to go through.” That would include interpersonal dynamics with her ex James Kennedy, who cast mates suspected she may have hooked up with on a trip to Mexico (and which both Doute and Kennedy emphatically deny).

Doute is thankful for her and Carter’s strong bond and for having a man who has consented to being part of this process. She acknowledges that love interests, partners, and friends have to be fully on board with the fact that there will be cameras around.

“Carter was a lot more open to the idea knowing it was my story he was a part of. That’s something that friends and some of the main cast members get twisted. Trust me: Our producers have better things to do than make you look bad when they don’t even know you.”

Doute also explained that being on the hit show has made her a lot more discerning about getting close to new people. That includes new cast mates. “It takes a lot of time. We keep it tight and very close-knit close. You can smell out who is thirsty.”

She added that it took years to trust cast mate Lala Kent, but now the two are close and regularly have dog play dates.

“I’m very comfortable now telling Lala anything…like I tell Stassi and Katie. I’m almost at that point with Ariana.”

Doute also reflected upon her past “rebound” relationship with Kennedy and explained the attraction, discussed how she gets along with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix today and what she wants viewers to know about her.

To listen to the full interview, go to:

Thoughts on Kristen’s interview? Is Kristen more likable now than during previous seasons of VPR? Sound off below!

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