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Dorinda Medley Calls Bethenny Frankel “Hurtful” Amid ‘Drunk’ Diss!

They don’t call her the “B” for nothing!

There’s no doubt that the housewives of NY are tough; however even the toughest can get their feelings hurt when Bethenny comes into play – just ask Dorinda. This season we see Bethenny label Dorinda a ‘drunk’ and while Dorinda is a bit boozy, having someone call her that to her face on national TV hurt.

Speaking out to ET Dorinda states that Bethenny’s comment “was very hurtful, and it was mean, and it was unnecessary,” she said. “Every season, she has to label someone. ‘You’re a whore. You’re a loser. You’re a drunk. You’re dead to me.’”

I have to admit other than Kyle Richards Bethenny seems to have a falling out with nearly everyone close to her. I think her tough exterior can sometimes be too tough and she needs to learn how to be a bit softer, especially with people she considers friends.

Dorinda admitted that she does throw them back (maybe a bit too easily) however it has been her way of dealing with a transitional place in her life stating:

“One of the reasons why I was drinking away my sorrows was, I was really sad last fall. I was going through something. I had realized [my daughter], Hannah [Lynch], had moved out, that job was over. I was in my 50s, you know, I’ve been a wife twice — that job’s over. What do I do now?” she said. “It was a transitional feeling, a little bit, like, misplaced. Instead of making any big, sweeping movements, I just stopped. You know, I stopped running in the wind and I kind of let the wind just pass me by, and I started to realize, ‘Hmm. This is kind of nice, you know? I can be selfish. I don’t have to look after anyone except me.’”

Despite her love of a good cocktail, Dorinda states she does not have a problem and it’s all in good fun adding: “Listen, I’m semi-harmless, aren’t I? No one’s calling 911.”

I think if Bethenny was seriously worried she would address Dorinda’s drinking in a more tactful manner; however I’m pretty sure Bethenny was just trying to make good TV vs. actually had concern. Perhaps the B needs to think about how she addresses others as she is now feuding with Carole and seems to be running out of friends on the show!

Thoughts on Bethenny calling Dorinda a drunk?

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