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RHONY Recap: Running Your Mouth!

Welcome back to the Big Apple!

We’re going strong in season 10 so let’s get right into it.

We start out with the Tins meeting Ramona and Carole for lunch while Dorinda comes over to Bethenny’s to chat. Dorinda is interested in Bethenny’s Puerto Rico work while across town the ladies gossip about the Halloween party. The real conversation was ‘did she or didn’t she?’ As in – was Luann in blackface or not? Speaking of Luann, Carole is showing no remorse for Lu’s divorce while Ramona is showing some compassion as she can relate to a public divorce. Ramona and Bethenny rehash to their respected groups the investment property debacle and each of them is sticking to their side of the story. Over lunch, we get a glimpse of Bethenny and Carole’s fractured friendship as Carole reveals that Tinsley is the only one who has asked for a ticket to watch the marathon which obviously irks Carole. Speaking of the marathon, Ramona is throwing Carole a ‘congrats for finishing’ party and there seems to be some hanky panky going on between her and the head chef. Possible love interest for the Ramona Coaster?

Dorinda and Lady Morgan meet up for a walk to work on their friendship as they are very hot/cold. Sonja reveals that she is on anti-depressants, is seeing a psychiatrist and is now better than ever! The conversation turns to Tinsley and it seems that Sonja is a little jealous that Tinsley is blossoming on her own despite her breakup with Scott. Sonja states that Tinsley’s ex-boyfriend pays all of her expenses and insinuates that Tinsley gets with men for their money. Apparently Coupon Cabin pays pretty well! Dorinda gives  your  Lady Morgan some GREAT advice and tells her to butt out and keep her mouth shut.

Across town Tins and Lu meet up for drinks and I have to ask WTH is going on with Luann’s hair? Between the Diana Ross wig and this look Luann is off to a rough start in season 10. Tinsley is practically begging Scott to take her back and Luann gives sage advice to just stop texting and give him a chance to miss her. Luann reveals that she feels vulnerable around the ladies which is why she won’t open up about Tom around but has no problem giving Tinsley dating advice. The conversation turns to Carole and Adam and Luann calls Adam a ‘boy toy’ however Tinsley hits back by saying their relationship was longer than her marriage to Tom. Tinsley 1 – Luann 0.

Dorinda and Carole meet up for coffee and Carole is having some high marathon anxiety because running 26.2 miles ain’t easy! Carole reveals that Adam has been a great support despite the fact that he runs an 8 minute mile, leaving Carole behind in the dust. Carole reveals that Sonja called Dorinda ‘fat’ in her Lady Gaga costume (nice Sonja) which obviously puts Dorinda back into a bad spot with her frenemy.

At Sonja’s, Lady Morgan is getting ready for a ‘gay’ party which apparently is a tradition in the Morgan Townhouse (originally I thought I heard it wrong and thought she meant ‘game’ party.) What exactly is a gay party you ask? Apparently there are no women allowed (minus Sonja) and gay men come to meet and mix while Sonja gives them free food and drink (which is probably why they come in the first place.) I’m also thinking it’s a way for Sonja to make sure that she remains the center of attention all night as she is not only the hostess but the only female there. We all know that Sonja loves all eyes on her!

Bethenny is back at work in her new apartment as the girl likes to make money by investing  in real estate. Bethenny reveals that she hasn’t been as involved in Skinnygirl due to her focus on Puerto Rico but she still has time to come into the office and wreak havoc on the decor and her staff. Meanwhile Dorinda and Tinsley meet at Fig & Olive to lunch, in the hope that Dorinda can pay the bill with scratch off lottery tickets. The two bond over their dislike of Sonja Morgan due to her calling Dorinda fat and Tinsley a kept woman. Dorinda thinks that Sonja is a bully and I have to say Sonja isn’t having the best look this season.

Lu and Sonja are meeting for lunch and Sonja comes in looking like Carmen Sandiago’s mother. Seriously, what is with the fashion this season? Luann knows that Sonja isn’t too keen on Tinsley so goes straight into her ‘not so nice’ feelings towards her and feels that Carole is now influencing her. Sonja is more than happy to gossip about Tinsley as the two didn’t end on a great note. Apparently all of the ladies are going to the Hamptons and you know it’s going to go down there. #DramabyBravo

The day of the marathon is upon us and Carole is up bright and early feeling confident. Carole reveals that her late husband ran the marathon before they dated and is a bit nostalgic thinking of him running the same race. Carole runs into Adam; however as they run two different paces they won’t be running together. Coincidentally she runs into former RHONY Heather as well who is running the race with her husband. The marathon begins and Carole is all nerves but has trained for this moment. Carole reveals that the marathon is a unique challenge as you are all out there on your own. Early in the race (around mile 8) Carole is already in pain and is concerned about finishing the race. Luckily she has support in a few of her friends that come to cheer her on including Tinsley. Carole needed this motivation as her legs were barely moving but though her training and sheer willpower she finished! As someone who has ran a marathon I can say finishing is one of the greatest feelings out there and I sincerely admire her hard work and determination – well done Carole!

Next week all craziness unleashes in the Hamptons so stay tuned!

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