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Teddi Mellencamp Reveals that “Pretend Amnesia” Will Rear It’s Ugly Head Again At The Reunion!

New girl Teddi Mellencamp-Arroyave has won many fans over with her fresh and drama free approach; however unfortunately one of those fans is not Erika Girardi.

Teddi rehashed the drama in her Bravo Blog, thrilled that she and Erika briefly got along; however acknowledging that Erika’s amnesia will not soon be forgotten:

I don’t think it gets more real than me sitting slouched in a chair the morning after drinking some beer, chomping on my gum, and sipping coconut water. A real look, if I do say so myself.

Speaking of looks, having Kyle help me get “glammed” is just as much about the company as it is me not knowing how to do my hair without showing the tracks of my extensions. I need to be able to have fun with whomever is getting close enough to my face to be able to smell the Aperol (I feel like I talk as much about Aperol as I do horses at this point).

This trip has been a lot of fun, and I’m glad Erika and I seem to be getting along like a panda with bamboo. But the long and short of it (shoutout to those who love when I use that term!) is that “pretend amnesia” hasn’t been forgotten, and it rears its head while we’re are at dinner. Erika brings it up with that glare, and I’m as breezy as Monica Geller leaving Richard a voicemail (any Friends fans out there?). But we squash it — until the reunion, of course!

Back in Beverly Hills, I’m so happy to see my family, even if Edwin absolutely didn’t follow the calendar I put out for them. You hear me mention that I had been thinking about investing in my own horse, but at this point, I’m just too busy. So now that means that Edwin gets to buy something with, uh, a little more horsepower.

Until next week’s finale, Teddi

In case you need a recap of the Erika/Teddi feud that has rocked this season you can watch the drama in the video below:

Thoughts on last night’s episode? Thoughts on Teddi’s blog?

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