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RHONY Season 10 Recap – Premiere Episode!

It’s here ladies and gents – the much anticipated season 10 premiere of RHONY! Aside from some pretty lame taglines – I feel it’s going to be a good season.

We start out with the obligatory housewives montage giving a brief update on where the ladies are on their lives. We have Ramona doing more home renovations, Carole training for a marathon and Dorinda getting ready for a Halloween party. The theme is ‘famous people that are alive’ and Dorinda is overwhelmed with a box of bubbles which is supposed to be a Lady Gaga dress. Luckily Dorinda has friends in high places as – let’s face it – having Dorinda do it alone would have been a disaster.

Bethenny is working on her charity ‘B Strong’ and helping others in crisis. Bethenny described how she got involved and the real life horror that was Puerto Rico. I sincerely admire Bethenny’s tenacity and her charity work with as Puerto Rico experienced a terrible tragedy and desperately needed the help. B drops the numbers on who gave what, and reveals that Tinsley donated $10K and Ramona $3K which earned them each a seat at the charity ball. Ramona points out the obvious, that Bethenny’s former BFF Carole Radziwill is absent, something foretelling of this season as we know their friendship is fractured.

Over at Dorinda’s a newly single Lu stops by and is having  a little pity party for herself as her marriage was a disaster extremely short lived. Dorinda gives her two cents and observed that Tom grew progressively worse after getting married. Lu revealed that she had enough with Tom going out and the obvious cheating which lead to them going their separate ways. Lu has no desire to get back with Tom much to the relief of Dorinda who doesn’t think Tom should ever be married. You’re preaching to the choir here Dorinda! Lu states divorce was easy as she didn’t change her name and there was a ironclad prenup. Apparently, Sonja is already starting drama stating that Lu is dating  (I believe it) however Lu claims she is taking things slow.

We move to the pretty, pretty world of Tinsley Mortimer with her new friend Carole Radziwill coming over to visit. Tinsley is living in a hotel like Eloise and treats Carole to a cheese and meats plate which I guess is where her tagline comes from? Carole and Tinsley have struck up a surprising friendship and ever vacationed in Spain together with their boyfriends. I honestly didn’t see the two becoming so close, but with Carole and Bethenny on the rocks someone has to fill in that BF vacant spot. Tinsley and Carole are both having relationship drama as Scott and Tinsley are trying to make things work while Carole and Adam are both having their cake and eating it too.

The ladies are getting ready for Dorinda’s Halloween party and Ramona is unsure of where her friendship with Sonja stands at this point. Sonja comes to costume shop to meet Ramona and end up gossiping about Luann. Sonja hits below the belt calling Tom’s relationship with Lu a “charity **ck” and isn’t surprised at their divorce. As usual, Sonja is being the straw that stirs that drink…

Carole is training for a marathon which is pretty impressive as she started exercising at the age of 54. Carole is training for the NYC marathon and has hired a trainer to help her get into peak shape. Most of her friends doubt that she’ll be able to finish; however to Carole that only fuels her fire. Get it Carole!

Bethenny is chilling in her home with her babies (aka dogs) and is mourning the death of her beloved dog Cookie. Cookie had been with Bethenny before her marriage, child and financial success so losing Cookie was like losing a best friend. Bethenny is still in mourning; however is still going to the Halloween party to see the ladies.

The ladies go all out for the Halloween party with Carole dressing as Amelia Earhart (I guess she didn’t get the memo that they were supposed to go as ladies that were alive?) Dorinda is shimming into her Lady Gaga bodysuit with the rest of the ladies arriving in costumes a bit too young for their age. Tinsley goes as Madonna from the 80’s and Ramona is Britney Spears from about 15 years ago. Sonja is Lucy Ricardo and I would have to say she could have done better on her costume (that wig was a little low budget Ms. Morgan!)  Luann is supposed to be Diana Ross; however all I saw is a black wig and a very, very bronzed face that some could argue as a poor choice as Carole pointed out.

Dorinda is into a few martinis which means my favorite version of Dorinda comes out. Dorinda starts to go off on Sonja as Lady Morgan hasn’t greeted the host yet (something which is pretty rude.) Sonja finally comes over and claims she couldn’t come over earlier due to her date Rocco who apparently wanted to keep his distance from the group. Bethenny makes an entrance as Barbie; however her costume has turned into a prostitute/drag queen version of Barbie. Dorinda is enjoying herself which means she starts slurring her words and rambling about nonsense such as roasted chicken/SNL/Adam Sanberg and what not. Dorinda is an 11 on a scale of 1 – 10 drunk and the other ladies remain shockingly coherent. Apparently Dorinda was the only one who drank the mysterious orange/bubbly drink?

The conversation turns (as usual) to Luann/Tom and Carole ends up going on a tangent on how great she was for not rubbing Tom into her face. The two are STILL feuding over the Carole/Adam situation and the two need to learn how to let some things go. Luann claims she just wants to let go and move forward; however I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this feud. Speaking of feuds, we some how arguing about south of a highway in the Hamptons. Bethenny and Ramona go at it for round #42,348 about real estate and I must have missed something as I have no idea how we got here. Can someone fill me in please? I’m as confused at the guy in the background dressed as Sgt. Pepper. The two share a pretty accurate description of each other with Ramona claiming Bethenny already knows everything and refuses to be educated about anything; however Bethenny states Ramona is all over the place as usual aka the Ramona Coaster. Both are accurate digs so I’m not taking any sides here.

It’s going to be a bumpy season with arrests, marathons and cat fights galore so let’s pace ourselves peeps!

Thoughts on the season 10 premiere?

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