Renee Graziano Discusses Mob Wives Reboot!

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Mob Wives is happening!

According to former Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano, the reboot is “in its process.” Renee’s sister Jennifer Graziano is the creator and executive producer of the hit reality series. Currently they both are starring on Family Boot Camp together as a family. It doesn’t appear that the Mob Wives reboot has been put on the back burner though. As the sister of the creator, Renee has the inside scoop. “Correct,” Renne confirmed.

In an interview with In Touch, Renee said, “What I can share is it’s in its process.” She revealed she for sure is doing it. “Yes, for my sister, yes,” Renee stated.

She confirmed she is still in contact with Carla Facciolo and many of the other cast members. However; the most important person to her is her sister – Jennifer. She explained, “I’m in touch with the most important person out of Mob Wives, which is my sister Jennifer. Who is the creator, the producer, the whole entire, Mob Wives was birthed by my sister Jennifer. So for me, it’s me and Jennifer.” She added, “I speak to Carla Facciolo, I speak to other girls.”

Renee also touched on the lack of respect she feels people have for her sister, Jennifer, who gave them this platform and publicity. Without Jennifer and Mob Wives, the ladies wouldn’t have all of these opportunities. Renee said, “My sister Jennifer deserves a pat on the back, even from the girls who are walking away from her and starting their own shows. And she’s not angry about it. But they never once, ‘Jen, thank you, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have these opportunities.’ So I’m fresh to say a lot of Jennifer’s friends better apologize.”

The passing of cast member Angela Raiola AKA Big Ang, has a lot of people wondering how the show could go on. It sparked a lot of heat from Ang’s sister Janine Detore. They now have their own show too, Staten Island Hustle on CNBC. Renee explained, “Nothing is ever supposed to be the same.” As far as the situation goes with Big Ang’s family and the Mob Wives stars, Renee said, “Yeah, here’s how I see that, her sister signed on to our TV show. Angela signed onto Mob Wives. So if there’s pieces and things that are going to remind us of Angela, of course we’re going to talk about Angela.” It seems inevitable that Big Ang will be discussed on the show. Since the episodes haven’t premiered yet, we have to wait and see. Renee said, “Janine should be worried about her other little show she’s doing over there. We, my mother, my father, my sister, my aunts, my uncles, we love Big Ang. Big Ang was my family.” She added, “I understand Janine getting a little twatty, however; it’s not Ang’s time to die.”

She summed up, “Maybe she still has to shine.”

Renee took to her Instagram story to share the interview, perhaps it’s a sign that things are coming soon for the Mob Wives! It’s refreshing that Renee is so close to her family, blood is thicker than water! I understand where both Renee and Janine are coming from. I hope they all find a peaceful happy medium soon and that everything works out for them all, it seems like they’re all family. I cannot wait for the show to return, I love Mob Wives!

Watch Renee discuss Mob Wives in the interview here!

Thoughts on the Mob Wives reboot? Who do you think Renee is referring to about thanking her sister? Are you shocked about the drama between Big Ang’s sister and the Mob Wives stars? Sound off below!

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