RHOBH Recap: Holy Schnitzel!

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Greetings from Beverly Hills & Berlin!

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies are enjoying their vacation to Berlin, Germany. They visited the Berlin Wall and drank beer together, which is everything that one would want to do in Germany!

The vacation episode starts out with shopping! Duh. Erika Girardi, Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley get a personal shopper named Axel (like Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses?) and do what they do best: shop till they drop. They kept him busy and to be fair, Erika was upfront. She told him, “We’re a little obnoxious.”

The other ladies; Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, and Teddi Mellencamp are eating breakfast. It definitely made me laugh when they were ordering coffee and asking what types of milk were available. Teddi firs said, “Do you have nonfat milk?” Then Rinna chimed in, “Do you have soy?” Which led to Kyle asking, “Do you have almond milk?” It’s so American of them. LOL. They all started laughing and then started joking about, ‘Do you have sugar free vanilla?’ Do you have coconut milk?’

The ladies went horseback riding together out in the countryside. This was one of the special excursions that Erika had been planning. It was also bonding time between Erika and Teddi, as Teddi is like a professional equestrian. Erika wanted Teddi to be super involved in this and show the girls the ropes/reigns. It was great to see, especially since Erika and Teddi had that petty feud earlier.

On a lighter note, Lisa Rinna’s horse was acting up a bit, which was comedic. In the interviews, it showed Lisa Vanderpump saying, “If anybody else’s horse would take off with them, I’d be like ‘woah.’ But with Rinna, ‘keep going.'”

However; it wasn’t all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Kyle Richards is allergic to horses so it ended badly. She had an allergic reaction when the group was riding horses, with bloodshot eyes and all. This led to her having a bit of a panic attack. Everyone knows that Kyle can overreact and she is someone who worries a ton – but this was actually a legitimate cause for concern. Even Lisa Vanderpump said, “I’m used to Kyle making a big deal over nothing, but this isn’t nothing. The whites of her eyes are blood red. She actually looks like the devil.”

There was a little montage of Kyle’s overreactions throughout the series. For example: she’s afraid of flying and bees. But this was serious. She had to go get allergy medicine and eye drops. Kyle explained in her interview, “I thought I would just be dealing with some sneezing, watery eyes.” According to Kyle, she felt like her chest was tightening and her throat was closing. It was evident she was freaking out internally, and she even stated that she was having a panic attack. Kyle said her panic attacks are triggered by stress. Teddi sat by Kyle on the ride back, and took off her jacket per Kyle’s request. (Since they had all been around the horses, they didn’t want it to trigger her reaction worse.) The gang all had some laughs though and it lightened the mood. This was all thanks to Lisa Vanderpump and her fuzzy pink hat.

Erika talked about how she had different plans for this fun activity in her interview. She summed up, “I mean, I don’t know if we can ever get it right on these trips.” That’s actually pretty true! Haha.

Then the ladies go to their dinner party, which doesn’t end well. Panty-gate from last season is brought up yet again! (Which is crazy, because they are on vacation. Why dredge up something from a year ago that has been put in the past so many times before?) Dorit said, “When I gave Erika the panties last year, she slapped me high five and everything was a joke and she got it. Then I went to the bathroom and I came back, and you had, had a whole conversation led by you. Then I approached and Erika was suddenly very mad at me.” Kyle responded calmly but clearly agitated, “So it’s my fault that you gave her the panties and said Erika,” to which Dorit chimed in, “No, don’t twist it!” Kyle is getting all upset because she said that Dorit is trying to cause problems between Erika and she. Kyle makes reference to Teddi’s beach house incidents from an earlier episode.

Kyle summed up in her interview, “Every single person at this table knows damn well I have nothing to do with Erika’s reaction to Dorit giving her the underwear.” Kyle and Erika are very confused. In Erika’s private interview, she said, “I never thought Kyle had anything to do with ‘panty-gate.’ It’s very difficult to follow Dorit’s line of thinking sometimes.”

Things got more complicated when Teddi jumped in to Kyle’s defense and Lisa Vanderpump told her not to talk. Her legit words were, “Teddi, stop.” Lisa Rinna said, “Let her speak.” According to Rinna, this is ‘a classic Lisa Vanderpump.’ Rinna said, “If you’re not on her side, she tries to shut you up. It’s gotta stop. Someone’s gotta stop it and say ‘enough already.'”

This led to Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump meeting the next day. Lisa wanted to know why Kyle was upset with her. Kyle felt hurt that Lisa didn’t have her back during the disconnect between Kyle and Dorit. Kyle feels that Lisa was helping Dorit address her opinions, but she said Lisa sat silent when Kyle was explaining her points and feelings. There’s always different sides to every story, which is why you have to communicate and hear people out. Kyle feels she is “taken for granted” so these two pals need to work it out, and kiss and make up.

On the other hand, Dorit doesn’t feel Lisa was speaking for her. Erika said it best, “She was showing support for your position.” The ladies feel Dorit has her own reality when it comes to situations like these.

After all of the drama and excitement, the ladies finally go sight seeing and see the Berlin Wall. They also go to the beer hall and drink and eat. That’s exactly what they needed, food and booze. Cheers to that!

Overall; this was a great episode. I love when they go on trips! The RHOBH are one of the most entertaining groups. Just hearing the ladies try and master the German language while butchering it, made it a funny episode for me. That’s it for this week, until next time Bravo Superfans!

Watch this clip from the episode that shows the drama filled dinner the ladies shared!

Thoughts on this week’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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