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RHOBH Recap: Dames, Dogs and Danke!

Hello BH fans! I was traveling last week so apologize for the missed recap. I’m sure we will have plenty to discuss this episode so let’s begin!

We begin with a showdown between Kyle vs. Storm (her dog.) Kyle is officially moving; however has a hint of buyers remorse due to all of the memories in her current home. Portia makes a cameo and is conveniently wearing an ‘Agency’ shirt – I see that free ad space there Mauricio!

LVP and Ken are mourning the loss of Pink Dog and Pikachu and I feel for them as my animals are more like family members than pets. The two are appropriately working on a dog documentary to showcase the horrors of the Yulin festival. I admire Lisa for all of the work she has done for the animal community.

Over at Erika Girardi’s (Ms. Jayne if you’re nasty) we see the big reveal of Erika’s character in the Kim Kardashian game. Rinna and Dorit come to celebrate with Erika over a plate of cookies (which I have a hard time believing that anyone ate.) Erika explains that Erika Jayne was born after buying everything a trophy wife could want and her desire to be creative. Her advice to all you ‘Jaye wannabe’s? Just say ‘yes’ and never say ‘no!’ Rinna agrees because a hustler has to hustle!

Teddi and her hot hubby are discussing the home dynamic as mama is going to Berlin. Edwin makes the mistake of being cocky and stating that Teddi should go to work as he has the entire ‘stay at home dad’ thing covered – oops! Is Edwin confused on the term ‘accountability coach’ like the rest of us? Teddi is concerned not only about leaving Edwin alone with the kids but she’ll be in a foreign land with Erika Jayne. Teddi seems pretty buff so she needs to flex those muscles and be less meek around these women!

At Villa Rosa, Lisa is getting ready for her documentary debut and as usual Dorit has diarrhea of the mouth. Stop talking means stop Dorit! Despite not knowing when to close her mouth apparently Dorit can design swimwear as her collection is almost ready. The suits seem incredibly tiny so I’m thinking her market is super young and super skinny – perfect for Beverly Hills!

The day of the documentary all of the ladies come to support LVP – even Dorit who is not shockingly late. The documentary is hard to watch even in clips and I teared up just watching the few minutes of it. Props to Lisa and Ken for putting so much passion into shining a light on the Yulin festival. I have to admit before Real Housewives I had never heard of it. After the documentary the ladies go out for a glass of wine and decide to still go to Berlin despite Erika’s business meeting getting moved to L.A. I mean production already paid for it so why cancel it?

We get our standard packing montage including Erika’s glam squad preparing for a Berlin dominatrix look. While Erika packs lube, Dorit is packing Mucinex as she is feeling under the weather. The ladies (naturally) travel in style and the amount of luggage is ridiculous. Despite looking good Dorit is feeling awful and spent the entire flight getting sick. Luckily for her, Rinna doubles as Dr. Feel Good and had her bag of pills on hand.

Erika is gifted with the presidential suite as it’s ‘her’ trip completed with everything including a ‘panic room.’ Where was that room when Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris? While Erika lives in the lapse of luxury, Dorit calls the hotel doctor. The doctor is not impressed with Dorit mixing medication and I’m thinking he would be appalled at the drinking while on medication that goes on in this group!

Dorit is still sick, including a case of FOMO, so is not participating in the late night drinks. Erika is running a bit late as her entire room has turned into Saks and coordinating looks takes time! While Erika is coordinating with Mikey LVP and Rinna get into it….over absolutely nothing. When you have nothing to fight about – let’s fight about nothing!

Apparently the new Rinna is not the old Rinna as she has two teenager daughters to set an example for. I think I’m liking this new one. Erika struts in with a fierce walk owning the place, just in time for another LVP/Kyle argument. LVP is offended that Kyle forgot who Nanny Kay was and I think it’s safe to say this friendship has seen better days. The two constantly seem to be at odds over minor issues.

That’s it for this week Bravoholics!

Thoughts on this week’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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