Sheree Whitfield Explains Why She Wasn’t Buying NeNe Leakes Apology!

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Drama in Hotlanta!

There is always drama on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and we love every minute of it. Sheree Whitfield and NeNe Leakes have been going through it lately. Although they try to be polite and cordial when they see one another, Sheree just can’t get past some stuff and she doesn’t think NeNe’s apologies are genuine. NeNe had made some comments on her comedy tour about Sheree, and later apologized for it. She basically said that she hoped she would get raped by an Uber driver. NeNe said she felt awful over her comments and apologized. However; Sheree just wasn’t buying it. Check out these tweets that Sheree directed at NeNe.

Sheree is also not amused by NeNe talking about her stealing from Neiman Marcus back in the day. She threw some shade back at NeNe and tweeted it was, “Around the same time u were doing credit card fraud, stealing and mortgage fraud….#bloop.”

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked a question about Sheree’s tweet that called out NeNe’s ‘fake apology’ and if it has effected their relationship? Sheree answered, “It has not effected, NeNe and I don’t really have a relationship. We try to be cordial. But I just wasn’t buying it. To me, to even utter anything like that out of your mouth when you say you’re a victim of domestic violence is ridiculous to me.” She added, “It’s disgusting.”

A caller also asked a question about Sheree’s beau and if he still has money from his “embezzlement days” and this was Sheree’s response!

I think that those comments are terrible. You shouldn’t ever joke about rape. It’s not funny. I understand why Sheree is upset over this and doesn’t feel like NeNe is sincerely apologizing. I’m sure that NeNe does feel bad about her remarks, though. I think NeNe and Sheree will always go back and forth, throwing shade at one another for their past crimes. When they bicker back and forth about stealing from Neiman Marcus and mug shot photos – that is comical. They’re always zinging each other on RHOA! I do hope that next season Sheree and NeNe can work on a genuine friendship and put the past in the past.

Were you shocked by NeNe’s comments and apology? Thoughts on Sheree’s tweets throwing shade? Will these two ever have a friendship? Sound off below!

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