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7 Revelations From Erika Jayne’s Pretty Mess Memoir

Erika Girardi’s memoir Pretty Mess is rumored to be as fun, shocking and scandalous as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s alter ego – Erika Jayne.

So, does Erika’s memoir live up to the hype?

Well, that’s still to be seen. Expect a full review of the book to be up on AllAboutTRH sometime very soon 😉

In the meantime, thanks to Entertainment Tonight we can provide you with 7 of the juiciest secrets from Erika’s memoir.

Erika was a stripper lite. A baby stripper if you will. 

It’s no secret that at 18 Erika moved to NYC to pursue her dreams of making it big but while she paid her dues in the world of acting and singing she paid the bills by go-go dancing in New Jersey, where alcohol is banned at full-nude bars.

“To get around this law, there are many go-go clubs and bikini bars,” Erika shares. “It was creepy and sad. This was not the glamorous life that I had imagined for myself. I thought This is so gross. Why am I here? … it was depressing as hell.”

Erika eventually stopped shaking what her momma gave her and became a cocktail waitress in Manhattan.

Her son grew up in New York and away from his mom. 

Erika stays very tightlipped about her son, Tom, who is a cop and lives with Erika and her husband also named Tom in Pasadena. Despite living apart most of his life, Erika seems very close to her son, who she had the age of 20. #KylieJennerstatus

In her memoir, the RHOBH star opens up about her struggles as a single mom and why she chose to leave her son behind with his dad, who Erika divorced when Tom was 18 months old, to pursue her dreams in Los Angeles.

“I was always very responsible with our son and put his needs first,” she writes. “Putting my son first was what moving was all about. If I was going to take care of him and provide the future for him that I wanted, I knew that I had to get away and find a better life and a more sustainable existence for myself.”

Erika’s son spent alternate summers, Thanksgivings, and Christmases with her in California. Despite Erika’s son going to school in New York full-time she never missed an important event in his life.

“I would fly back to New York every seven to ten days,” she notes. “Even though his school was back east, I was at every teacher conference, school play, graduation and any other event I thought I should attend.”

Erika and her husband do NOT have a prenup. 

As always Erika shuts down gossip and rumors that she’s a golddigger and married her husband lawyer Tom Girardi for money. Instead, Erika opens up about their connection and how they are really are BFF.

Need more proof of their connection?

Well, the RHOBH couple does not have a prenup.

“It never came up,” she says. “Let’s be serious, Mr. Girardi knows the law so well that a prenup is not going to do s**t. As any lawyer will tell you, there is always a way around a prenup, even if you think it is ironclad.”

The couple also doesn’t wear wedding rings. In fact, Tom never had one.

“Listen, a wedding ring does not have magical powers,” she offers. “It is not going to stop anyone from doing something.”

Erika Jayne was born out of boredom and complacency.

After marrying Tom in 2000, Erika put her career aside to be a true Housewife. However, Erika soon found herself bored and was eager to “reawaken the dragon inside.”

Enter the “Erika Jayne Project.”

Erika, Travis Payne, her old high school pal turned major dancer and choreographer, who has worked with everyone from Madonna to Michael Jackson, and music producer Peter Rafelson created a whole self-funded plan to make Erika’s alter-ego a reality.

As for the name Erika Jayne, Erika says Travis came up with it saying Jayne was the only name that went with Erika. However, Erika wasn’t sold on it at first but ran with it anyway.

Erika almost retired Erika Jayne before joining RHOBH. 

A couple years into Erika Jayne’s success and doing pretty much everything she could with her alter-ego Erika felt burnt out. Erika sought the guidance of a music executive, who told her she needed to “pivot.”

“He explained that I could get back on the treadmill and do what I had been doing all over again, but I probably wouldn’t get more spectacular results,” she recalls. “It’s like I had reached the ceiling with what I could do by creating and releasing my own music. He was confirming to me what I was already thinking: I was running out of possibilities of advancement.”

Erika left the meeting thinking “All good things must come to an end” but then RHOBH came into her life.

She never read her RHOBH contract. 

Erika joined RHOBH during season six after Yolanda Hadid gave her name to producers. A mere two weeks later Erika was offered a full contract to join the show, which meant she’d get a diamond and be a full-time Housewife.

At the urging of her husband, Erika showed up the first day of filming and blindly signed her contract.

“They’re doing more for you than you’re doing for them at this point,” he told her. “Just sign the paper and hand it back.”

“To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever read [the contract],” she says. “I might have signed my soul away and had no clue at all. Oh well, who needs a soul anyway?”

In the end, it all worked out. To this day Erika calls joining RHOBH “the smartest pivot I ever made.”

DWTS was a nightmare for Erika. 

After shooting to fame on RHOBH, another opportunity came Erika’s way and it was Dancing With the Stars. While Erika decided to join season 24 of DWTS, she was warned by her assistant Laia and her creative director Mikey Minden that she might not enjoy the experience.

“I’ll support you no matter what,” Mikey told her at the time. “But I’m not sure you’ll like it.”

Turns out Mikey was right.

“Dance has always been an escape for me,” Erika writes. “Now, I couldn’t escape it. It was like everything I loved and that people love about me — being sassy, bold, out there, myself — was now being criticized again.”

“Week after week, I could just feel the noose tightening,” she adds. “I told Tom not to come to the ballroom to see me dance. I had a bad vibe about what was happening and I didn’t want him to see me like that.”

Erika wound up in fifth place on DWTS and left the show with a shoulder injury that required surgery but Erika doesn’t regret the experience.

Thoughts on the revelations from Erika’s book? What revelation do you find most shocking? Have you read Erika’s book? Are you interested in knowing more about Erika’s life? Sound off below!

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