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Camille Grammer Reveals Which RHOBH Veterans She Does & Doesn’t Keep In Touch With!

Camille Grammer is one of the original cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Although Camille is no longer full-time on the show, she does still make appearances as ‘friend of the housewives.’ However; she hasn’t ruled out coming back full-time to RHOBH. She has even hinted at the possibility of her big return on Watch What Happens Live and in other interviews. On The Daily Dish podcast, she didn’t rule out the possibility. I think it has a lot of potential actually, because it’s being brought up a lot!

Camille has come a long way since season one of RHOBH. In an interview, Camille said, “I’m a different person now, because I had a lot of heartbreak, and I was anxious then and nervous and sad and I had all these different emotions, and confused. I had to grow a lot … That’s why this year, I feel I can be a little bit more sassy and not feel exactly Season 1, but you can see glimpses of Season 1 Camille.”

She explained that season one was “very difficult” for her. She said, “I was going through a divorce and to play that out publicly was extremely hard. I was trying to hide the fact that my marriage was in trouble when I was filming. I didn’t know what was transpiring but I knew something was wrong. And then further along in the season, as we were filming, I had found out that Kelsey was out of the marriage basically, and trying to hold it together, and finish out the season, it was really, really difficult.”

Camille felt a bond with Adrienne Maloof. She explained it was, “that O.G. bond.” Camille explained, “We went through a lot those first two or three seasons together … Divorces, there were a lot of highs and lows, so with that, you get closer with the people that you’re with.” Camille and Adrienne are still in touch. “Adrienne and I were talking about that, how we both went through divorces together, one after another. How bizarre, because both of our husbands wanted us to be on the show, and we didn’t realize that we were going through a divorce on the show.”

Many of the women, Camille still speaks too frequently. This is why she’s often making appearances on RHOBH throughout the seasons. However; she has lost contact with Taylor Armstrong. Camille said, “The last time I talked with her was about a year and half, two years ago.” Taylor had remarried and moved away. It’s interesting to see what the ladies have been up to since their earlier seasons on the show.

I’m glad that Camille is getting her groove back, and is more at peace. It’s clear that the first season of the RHOBH was really hard on her. I’m happy for her that she’s feeling more at peace and I like when she makes appearances. Personally I would be all for Camille returning to the cast. I’m glad she’s been appearing on the series more and more these days. Plus, I love it when she brings the entertainment.

Do you think Camille should return full-time to RHOBH? Are you surprised which OG’S she keeps in touch with and doesn’t? Thoughts on this season of RHOBH? Sound off below!

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