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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Amber Marchese Tells Us About Her New Career & How She’s Giving Back!

Here at AllAboutTRH we love catching up with the ‘wives – both past and present! We recently had the opportunity to exclusively speak with Amber Marchese of RHONJ and Marriage Bootcamp fame who just announced a career change and how it enables her to give back to the community. Check out our conversation below!

So great to speak with you! Tell us what you have been up to since we last saw you:

Most people probably last saw me on on Restaurant Stakeout, RHONJ, Marriage Bootcamp or other shows here and there, but that was more of an unexpected joy ride  (well, most of the time lol!) I’m always looking to do something new and exciting and take on a new challenge and reinvent myself. I refuse to make life a bore – that’s for sure!

You recently mentioned that you moved in a new career direction. What can you tell us about it and how did it come about?

As everyone knows, Jim owns a mortgage company, but most do not know the philanthropic work we do such as a new program working with homeless or under served veterans. Jim has been working with veterans to purchase homes, as a lot of these men and women are in unacceptable living conditions. We were shocked at poor living arrangements many of our veterans live in. We have learned many veterans aren’t aware that they qualify to own their own home. Sadly over 39,000 Veterans are homeless and even more live in substandard housing. I realized quickly that the in order to help I would need to get my real estate license.

Jim and I realized there is a huge need for good homes and started identifying affordable homes and renovating them to meet the special needs of these defenders of our freedom. The ‘before and after’ on the homes is really incredible and we make sure that they are suitable for our beloved veterans. We just relocated a wonderful couple both veterans; the husband 100% disabled. The family has three small children. Shockingly, they were being evicted from a two bedroom apartment. We were so excited as before they were homeless we were able to place them in their first home and each child now will have a bedroom and a backyard.

It’s been a pretty amazing journey as we hear incredible stories. Watching them being able to live in these amazing homes is everything to me. It honestly feels like what we have been put on this planet to do.

You seem very passionate about this project – Why was this so important to you?

I come from a long, long line of a military family. On my mom’s side of the family, we’re traced back to the civil war. My grandfather was a POW, really tough man. On my dad’s side we had a relative lose his life on the battlefield on D-Day. My dad was in the Navy and National Guard and my mom was in the Army. It is very personal to me and something that really hit close to home.

What has the reaction been from some of the people that you’ve worked with?

We have been overwhelmed by the response; each time we have presented at a meeting of the Disabled American Veterans “DAV” we are thanked for our contributions. But that is nothing compared to warmth we feel each time we help find a family a home they can be proud to live in.

When we first met you were a stay at home mom. How did you decide what you wanted to do and when you wanted to get back into the work force?

Well when I first met everyone I had a Masters in Physiology and was more into the fitness industry. That was a tough business and I found out it wasn’t a passion of mine. I loved working out but what I am doing now is truly what I’m passionate about. I’m obsessed with homes, especially as I think back of all the memories that I have created in my home. It’s just so much fun to to watch the market and see different styles of homes. The opportunity really came about naturally as my first job will always be mom, but with the kids at school I have some extra time.

I think a lot of people can relate to getting a degree in something but later finding out that it’s not what they are passionate about. What advice do you have?

Don’t put yourself in a box and say ‘this is the only thing I’m going to do’ as it will limit you to really great opportunities elsewhere. Find what makes you happy and smile a lot, even when you don’t feel like smiling, just smile. It will change everything about your attitude and outlook on life. If you hit a hard time, don’t lose faith, just figure out what you are meant to learn. I mean, why waste a perfectly good life lesson when you can use it to become one bad ass human being? Live your dreams and know it may come in an unexpected area!

What advice would you give someone who feels stuck or who wants to try something new?

Every single day is an opportunity to reinvent yourself – who I was at 22 is not who I am today! Keep your mind aware of opportunity and follow a path that you may not have traveled yet. If an opportunity presents itself and it feels right – go for it. Put your whole self into it. And finally, be an honorable and trustworthy person, you never know who may cross your path again.

Would you ever want to combine your reality TV background with your new career in real estate? Home shows seem to be the hot thing nowadays!

Funny you ask, I am creating a video for each home I list to make sure it has a huge platform. You can see them on my social media sites. The videos are a mini-docu series which bring attention to the home and serve as a fun 2 minute skit to entertain. I’m a bit of goof ball that can not stand to take myself too seriously, so I want them to be fun!

I also have been approached by a production company to create a series on the homes we are renovating for veterans. You never know…you may see may see streaming or on TV. Regardless, I will be helping my clients, veterans and Premier Reality on finding the perfect home!

We would like to thank Amber for catching up with us at AllAboutTRH! We’ll be following her on her new career and will be sure to keep our readers updated along the way.

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