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Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel Surprise Superfan Jennifer Lawrence on WWHL!!!

Jennifer Lawrence in the house!!!

Jennifer Lawrence AKA JLaw, is one of the most talented actresses in the world. She also happens to be a huge fan of Real Housewives, in fact, she’s a superfan! When she was interviewed by Oprah for The Hollywood Reporter, she was asked what three people she would want to have dinner with. Her answer? Scott Disick, Bethenny Frankel and Luann De Lesseps. Her dream has come true!

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she was overwhelmed and overjoyed with her big surprise! It was Luann and Bethenny sitting at a dinner table. (There was a cardboard cutout of Scott.) The three ladies enjoyed wine and discussing Real Housewives. Jennifer was so excited that she was on the verge of tears!

Jennifer said, “I’m gonna cry, I got my smile back! I’m seriously gonna cry!”

Bethenny told Jennifer, “You know more about Bravo than anyone.” Jennifer let Bethenny know that she defended her recently. One of Jennifer’s friends told her, ‘You have been very lenient with Bethenny lately.’ “I stood up for you. There was some sort of fight, it was my cousin, she doesn’t like you. But I get it!” Jennifer also asked them about what is going on with Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan. “I don’t even know who to ask about first,” said an excited Jennifer. Luann revealed, “Ramona coaster, as usual. Kind of up and down. She’s reinventing herself, as always.”

Luann announced that Sonja will even be making an appearance in her cabaret show. Plus, they are turning ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class’ into a rap. Luann told Jennifer she can come to the show, which JLaw was super excited about. (Both nights of the show sold out super fast!)

Both Bethenny and Luann told Jennifer that she would make a great Real Housewife. JLaw gushed and said, “Thank you!” She explained her plan for that,Oh my God, I would be sure to be smart like you guys. I would be diabolical enough, but still find a way to be likeable.” She added, “You two and Lisa Vanderpump.” Bethenny pointed out that Luann isn’t diabolical and they all laughed ,and Jennifer said, “No, you’re accidentally diabolical.” JLaw also revealed that she does good impressions of Dorit Kemsley and Sonja Morgan. Now that would be another Oscar worthy performance!

It turns out that JLaw actually has a pretty big influence when it comes to the Real Housewives franchise. She sends her opinion and critique to Andy. The Oscar winner said, “I feel bad because these are like people, theoretically. I don’t know, I mean I send him who’s boring me, who to get rid of. But normally I kind of echo, they normally go.” Andy added, “She loves to tell me when she’s bored. We don’t like to bore JLaw.”

Jennifer revealed some other fun facts on WWHL. She was aware that Kylie Jenner was pregnant, she has not met the babies yet. She didn’t realize she was mentioning Taylor Swift to Kim Kardashian, and she didn’t mean any shade by it. “It just fell out of my mouth, I didn’t make all the connections,” she said. Also, T-Swift has not asked her to be in her squad, yet!

So who influenced her New Jersey accent for her role in American Hustle? It turns out, Jersey Shore!

Who is the most famous person in her phone? Oprah!

I love Jennifer Lawrence! I appreciate how big of a Superfan she is, and I definitely relate to it. Seeing her reaction to Luann and Bethenny being in the clubhouse was priceless. I definitely am all in favor of her becoming a Real Housewife someday. I think she should make more appearances on WWHL. *Hint hint Andy Cohen* It was a great show! One of the best WWHL episodes in history, in my opinion.

Watch this video of Jennifer having wine with Bethenny and Luann in the Bravo Clubhouse!

Thoughts on Jennifer being a Superfan? What did you think of Bethenny and Luann surprising her in the clubhouse? Do you want Jennifer to be on WWHL more? Should JLaw be a Real Housewife someday? Sound off below!

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