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RHOBH Recap: Thank You Thuck You!

Welcome back my Beverly Hills Beauties!

We are still in the Big Apple for NYFW. Camille’s daughter Mason is walking and Camille is more nervous than her daughter. The ladies are coming to support Camille (and Mason) however the mood is off as the ladies are still tense about the fight from the night before. Mason rocks the runway and looks like a Disney princess in her amazing gown. Congrats to Ms. Mason for not tripping as I feel like I would have in that huge dress!

Keeping in the fashion theme for this episode, Kyle thinks she may need a change from her signature long locks. She is debating a haircut which I think would be great as she doesn’t want to be the next Rinna (same hairstyle for 30 years!) Speaking of Rinna, she ends up joining Kyle as she wants to hear all of the latest gossip. Kyle gives her side of the story as her stylist works magic while Rinna seems a little too excited that someone else wants to gossip about LVP. I don’t know why Rinna has it in for LVP so bad but it’s obvious. If I were Kyle I would tread lightly with gossiping with Rinna if she ever wants to be friends with LVP again.

We move on to LVP’s new BFF Dorit whose look I would refer to as tween ‘Hot Topic’ chic. Dorit tries to smooth things out with LVP; however Lisa isn’t 100% buying it. The two do agree that Kyle’s actions were odd and then LVP drops a truth bomb on Dorit: her friendship with Dorit is mainly out of her loyalty and love to PK. This makes so much more sense to me as if Dorit was anybody else I honestly don’t see her getting away with half of what she’s said about LVP. The two pledge their loyalty two each other and I find it all so many of these friendships have verbal ‘loyalty’ contracts.

Since we are in NY (and it’s Bravo) of course Bethenny has to make an appearance; however she does have a legit connection as she and Kyle go way back. Never one to back away from an argument, Bethenny defends her pal Kyle while throwing LVP some shade. LVP isn’t one to be put down by some Skinnygirl and warns Bethenny to watch herself and for a brief second I think Bethenny was actually a little scared. LVP and Bethenny both have huge personalities so naturally the two clash. Bethenny isn’t happy that LVP has labeled her shady. If I were LVP I would be annoyed at some third party sticking their nose in my business, clearly something Bethenny is good at. Lisa attempts to apologize to Kyle and to be honest their friendship seems exhausting and like a lot of work. I’ll take my low maintenance friends any day!

Another third party who is loving the drama is Rinna who seems set to take down LVP this season. Kyle talks to Dorit but there seems to be too much between this odd love friendship triangle of Kyle, Dorit and LVP to salvage this NYC trip. The ladies head back in what was a somewhat successful trip with some pretty petty arguments.

Back in Beverly Hills the ladies are reunited with their families and we get to see the newest addition to the Hamlin household: an adorable pup. Being Bravo, we can’t end with an adorable puppy shot so we move on to Kyle and LVP having dinner. The two agree that the trip wasn’t their best and LVP discloses she has to be friends with Dorit out of loyalty to her fellow Brit PK. Kyle and LVP discuss their up and down friendship and I’m over it. Both are at fault in my opinion. Being friends with Kyle seems exhausting as she does come off as needy and breaks down anytime there is a little scuffle. On the other hand LVP has a history with Kyle and seems to have taken Dorit’s side rather quickly so I do understand Kyle’s hurt. I don’t think their friendship will change and perhaps in some sick way the two need this dysfunctional friendship.

Until next week where we will indulge  in some birthday drama!

Thoughts on this week’s episode?

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