Ariana Madix Let's Discuss: Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix on Anxiety, Faith’s Crush on Lala and Drama This Season

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Vanderump Rules’ star Ariana Madix dropped by the studio of podcast host Danny Pellegrino and did not disappoint. She told the Everything Iconic host that she and former nemesis Kristen Doute are on good terms and provided some other behind-the-scenes revelations.

With regard to opening up about her body insecurities on camera recently, she said that producers had been discussing the possibility of filming her in therapy for the past three seasons. She felt that now the timing was right to finally address these insecurities. “It’s something my close friends all know about. Those struggles have always been there. I got to a point where Tom and I were going through these issues and I knew that people didn’t know the backstory behind any of it. They thought ‘she’s not into him’. I thought that instead of there being all this speculation, I would come out and say what’s going on.”

Madix also weighed in on the therapy session we saw her attend in last week’s episode. One part that was omitted was how she tackled the subject of social media and being on television, and how being in the spotlight has impacted her depression and anxiety.

“It gets to a point where you don’t want to do it anymore and you have to remind yourself of all the good things,” Madix conveyed about the Vanderpump Rules experience, “There are so many wonderful, sweet, kind people out there who you connect with and for some reason, that one asshole really sticks in your head. I’m not there yet, but it’s a lot of regularly training your brain not to think about those people and concentrate on the positive.”

In terms of where she is at now when it comes to thoughts on her body, Madix says she has progressed since filming. “There are days when I say ‘Hell yeah, I’ll wear these shorts’…You have to…every day…make the choices to get rid of those thoughts and it takes work.”

Describing anxiety and depression as a tennis match between what’s going to happen and what has happened, Madix shared that she has found additional support by visiting certain Instagram pages for inspiration: “There’s ‘Raw Beauty Talks’ which has daily reminders and you see how there are other people out there with the same things going on. Then there’s ‘Identity of She’ and Any.Body. I have tried to self-help Instagram myself a little bit.”

Madix then dished on her relationship with various cast mates and weighed in on some of the storylines that have aired so far this season. On the subject of Scheana Shay and Rob Valetta, who broke up this past fall, Madix said she feels that Rob needs to “shit or get off the pot” rather than posting thoughts on Instagram about the two of them reconciling someday. “I’m not a fan of the ‘friends with benefits’ thing.”

Of her costar Stassi, who she has been known to clash within the past and has criticized on social media, Madix said: “We’re cool. The best way I know how to put it is that we’re fundamentally very different people in certain ways. Then there are fun things we have in common. When we focus on those, we always have a good time. To develop a real friendship, bigger issues would have to be worked through in order to get there.” Pellegrino proceeded to mention a few of Madix’s other co-stars and of James Kennedy’s girlfriend Raquel Leviss, Ariana surprised him by dubbing her a “secret genius.” She cited Raquel’s ability to wade through a lot of the harsh things James throws out verbally.

 When Pellegrino asked if Madix was surprised by anything that did not make it on the show, she conceded that she and Kristen were able to smooth over their relationship and that viewers did not get to see the events that led up to that. Madix also spoke of being “obsessed” with the newest cast addition Billie Lee, a very close friend of hers, and how it is surprising that the show has not had more representation from the LGBTQ community in the past (Billie Lee is a transgender woman).

Pellegrino asked Madix about the rumor that Billie Lee is dating Ariana’s brother Jeremy Madix to which she responded: “They are very close and I don’t know what their status is…They are not currently dating at this moment.” Madix was notably mum on whether or not the two had ever been linked romantically, but viewers will have to tune in. It has been reported that some of Billie Lee’s dating adventures were captured on camera.

Madix also addressed the subject of Faith Stowers recording a post-coital conversation with Jax Taylor, who was cheating on his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright at the time. When Pellegrino asked if this was about Faith wanting to be on the show, Madix responded “It seems extra shady. She was hooking up with Max (Vanderpump) for a while, and then she was talking about how she had a crush on Lala…Then this whole thing with Jax.”   

To hear more of Madix’s thoughts on her costars and the drama ahead on Vanderpump Rules, tune in to this episode of Everything is Iconic with Danny Pellegrino

Thoughts on Ariana’s interview? Are you surprised to hear Ariana and Stassi are cool? Would you like to see Ariana open up about her and Tom’s issues more on VPR? Sound off below!

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